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Old Brain- James Robinson 2005.jpg


the last show was


(short view and talk here)

PG GALLERY 192 bealey ave christchurch

previous at the same gallery

minitures work array on paper  (video link)


A stream of consciousness  spoken word colaberative album with   friend Dave Edwards of the band FIFFDIMENSION 

in the spirit of free assosiative artistic colaberation this diary process album (click the words below)



NOW! with bonus BATH POEM track by TRILLION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


a re hang of OLD BRAIN (mural 3) INTRO VID

in ChCh at the launch of the wallace arts trusts new centre on manchester early 2023


2022 saw  a large scale show with the NOMADIC ART GALLERY based in belgium..was very well received.

Nomadic gallery short promo doco (link)

with future shows planned.



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