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Old Brain- James Robinson 2005.jpg



the SUTER public gallery in nelson is showing a large metaphysical colour mural i made last summer

OCEAN IN THE DROP (best Apocalypse ever)

from november 23 in a exhibition about repetition and abstraction. curated by 

Julie Catchpole


international representation with NOMADIC ART GALLERY based in belgium..was very well received in 2022.

with ongoing works shown at EUROPEAN ART FAIRS..and a solo show of new work art fair in KOLN GERMANY ART FAIR UPCOMEING END OF 2024


small work in PG GALLERY annual christmas group exhibiton in CHCH


and xmas group show at Rohan Whealans gallery CAS (contemporary art space)



early 2024 has a two artist show with JANE TAN at.....quiet dog gallery nelson opening march 15th 2024

in parrelel with the suter gallery major public show inclusion on now aswell...


work shown with ARTBAY gallery recently in november..QUEENSTOWN...with full show in mid 2024

(nz pre show of european series in production)

with works like these from the introduction show

strange attractor (three of the 2016 series)

and POEM RESPONCE painting to david eggletons "where gods live" poem


i often upload a new short video of works compleated as a archive..HERE 

or poem a basic archive.. 

is how you reach me.


the last exhibition of new work  was


(short view and talk here)

PG GALLERY 192 bealey ave christchurch

previous at the same gallery

minitures work array on paper  (video link)



A stream of consciousness  spoken word colaberative album with   friend Dave Edwards of the band FIFFDIMENSION 



 with bonus BATH POEM track by TRILLION


a re hang of 7 meter long dangly  OLD BRAIN (mural 3) INTRO VID

a work in series made over 15 years all around nz and numerous international travel research trips.

specificly 2018 post INDIA 6 month odyssey and covid global re structuring culturally..the wirk speaks around..thought threads and multiples of observational cohearance and transformation





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