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October 21, 2019

MAJIC whispers in the margins...

Like breeze air

Old as rome..




as a fractal holographic quivver in the cosm we are made of in and as

days as rivers of moments..mind as light of awareness penetrating unknown language


intuitive research vessel to inknown flowpaths..thought focus dream holder maker flat field rymeing couplets in inputs from self iterations...building blocks in a personalised tarot of meta speak..cross fertiliseing meaning mutations..shapeshifting over and over


glossilelia in controlled parrelel faulty aparatus decoder filter data meat suit...only a drip

at a time

something aboe beyond ..was is will be...rendering story of celluler memery..trauma esculater to guide the way in scapes self discovery

peeks out of mind..impossably compulsive decodeing ...

spacious eternal 

possability field of miraculous being at all! 

includeing ..

not being too in a narritive we cannot experience 

except by...diveing into the black hole..of inevidability..

the ultimate field research..

quality controll

of what you can hold 

what slips away as information and energy..




as opposed to the post human de-evolutionary  strateguim of technocrat neo liberal corperate govermental nwo


quite enjoying my god kingship mind you..suburban stay at home obsess a holic artist..scribe of the muse..uppity wee worker he is



true story ..hope i can live up to the self spin talk..which is real miopa i promise!


"Im surprised youve never noticed how WELL I AM

He says..yer a fancey feast..a potpourri of potential

Yer my favourite endangered homminid alpha preditor social darwinist weoponised rhetoric jingle...everest!"




New as my pizza fart


MAJIC looks like perception perceiveing consciousness in shapeshifting aesthetic ideologs

Drying by the side of my fridge container fer next winters fire


MAJIC marrys little word thinks with systemic internal macro relations in oh so funny quips..that stretch the labidinal thrust of any cards spic n span ss uniform

School trip to the reserve bank n parliment

(But has a sore tummy today)



Unfurls antigravity technology at a slow pace...while maintaining the advantage of world wide controlled financial collapse n grab.



Begs to be responsabily harnessed for the timeline narritive of enzymic mutation identity augmentation..where male warrior obsoletes the best twin fin mohawk or


Whaleing wool widers


MAJIC furrows to negatropic catastrophie

Crushs in futilitys righteousness..and blackholes of mind paracite 

Till zero point yawns the unbounded potent yell in hyperspace rifts echoing in fart blaster gasm for the lenth of a light yeah nebuler...twinkling steller nursery

Idea ancester 


Fuck yes

Hell know!


Sir yes sir!



declares itself paramount chief

Moas the lawn..doesnt get paid

Makes suburban good vege garden

Realises its dangerous possability over n over..

And lusts like teen porn rag busty slut butts under matress for a golden age of cinema and clown school..

In a galaxy of far far away



Spins webs around









Simplicity in convoluted mycellium nodal networks..traceing dirt com

Wackin it out..weeds deeds

And maintaining

Holy equalibrium of middle age

With smile..micro drama check list

Great fool archetype..

Purring..being fed.

Absence fond hearts

Bleeding contemporary

Robotic smear tests 


And veil fall veils remain


All is well

drawing on that fluid

From my whole


Made from the makeing..

Gravitys rainbow 

Being here  at all

Good to go


Up in there son!





Who wants ther angel compliant

Toothless hag

No sword fire n cosmic wheel of righteous fury

Gods grandiose subatomic bible smashed absolute fact find slithered in ya componant bio machine..


Angel obsolete by decree of heartless heart stone sour voids

Abandoned neglect poison in cognitive disanance


Will not change will not alter..

As majics majesty..forces fears friend to sirender

Yeald yolks of folk subserviance irrelevant

Mother chaos...a necklace of shrunken heads..

..route old roles reinvention invalids blame


Hobbled attrocity...

Loveing th psycho drama as it is


Galactic research vessel..depth chatge this probable to singuler infinite density...

Absolutist tip points

Cacade cash reserve..

And ease the quantity



Its a plennum of irreduceable

A monster

A redeemer


Its not up to me to judge this greater force

Shadows envelope the high charge particles

Mutogenic fevers accelerate..

The myth..entering..all time lines








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