Its a way of seeing

Son of


Ask yer self

"HAS IT GOT AGENCY.."titter guffaw

These are throwaway zen poems from the peripheral

It matters that much..

Quiet spaciousness 

Seagull call

Sun smells thru wind nose mind filters

Plinky plonk abstract waft humm ting..

Music serenades moments suspended on steel spider strings thru quantumn time portals

Ahh..its sun ra 

Foreside chat with lucifer

Sequenceing rymeing couplets after 12 hour obsess yesterday

Much easier tday..


Self Value obscured sence of incrementals building..

Proto blobs of notes 

Patient x

Calm settles standing on legs



As fly circles his head

Ommmm fricken omm

And he can exist entirely in the studio now

Little external guilt tug 

Theres something being pulld in to th world bit by bit

Over years moments 

Like a third world rug wholesale at a american mall discount homeware shop

Im changeing the continuum

Integreating the ether

Fingering the void 


Om shanti

Om mofa shanti

With out meaning or purpose

With out body or mind

Without free will or individuality

Consciousness and "spirit and nature"

Without culture and autonomy..

We are but algorythmic bits in a bot leggo set..quickly becomeing redundant in the techno faciest fun future design club

"You dont exist...let me explain"

They say on the way to the convienient shower facilitys 

Vaccine after vaccine

Degree after degree

Prescription after prescription

Neo colonial post human conquest of the mythosphere n imagination of self channel..

By language sets desighnd to self reinforce..

Cant pay for gas with organic veges

Slow consent..

Cookin frogs

Back to meaning..and purpose

Signal receiver...of supreme weaving

Nothing special

Except totality 

Black n white tv is dependant on electricity..

But not the force that invented it

Am i advocating faith?

Or knowing

That we are more than we can know with our limited cognition

That what god kings billionaires cleptocrats covet is allready the domain of the peasant in unrealised form?

In order to monopolise..

A simple bait n switch of  yer own unrealised capacity is taking place..

Humans lowerd statis..

Where pretty sure cosmic co creation n evolutionary fundamentals are thresholding a warm fizzy bacteria to a transitional collapse n ferment 

Hell im just along for the ride..

But i value this 

And think its werth something.

Alots been lost 

Alot gained

Threat detection analisis peaking 

Family encoded anti trust

Self model dialectic.

Unique spin cycle

External other guidance




We are responsable to ancester

Future past

That matters. To me.

As a fleeting nothing i am

My ego hops on top rides me

But i think i know the way ip the mountain.

Its that big thing over there

Beuaty transcends

Towers my fault

Lines the more i go

Infused in the me

Perceiving it

Union in that divinity

Perceived perception 

All is well