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January 7, 2020

"ART" is something we do 

To experience ourselfs

As nature

In cosmos of existence at all.


And...share that.




are ya allowed to say stuff like that ? 

if ya not a expert?


im a expert! 

whatdya waiting for live under a bridge with consent by th local body mafia to bulldoze ya hut?


take meaningless confusion drama chaos tradgedy pain

the symbolic human mind surveylance of distance and objectification to ancient 

inturnal conflicts...think encoded majics of consciousness manifesting..



see havta detroy th narritive to get behind a false frontage..

if ya want anything other than ideological kitset..drag n drop mind plop


but then in th unrecognisable theres a newer narritive..and the story tells us perhaps

its the listening..doing ..


hopeless contradiction...the need of recognition

unto my self


freedom beckons a simpler face  and inocent with intent..and even the malice at environment ...the karma credit activated symbiosis


then being hard on ya self with chisel pointed needle n fur nessesitys...demands a outcome goal set future time reference catchment code..

aaaark language slides to non sence thats the story then







we make beuty then


re name meaning as experience sacred



colour fields over lap the dance

the death neutriliser the domesticated doom

my self indulgent weaknesses


inspired whisperings from the subtle side


playing then in sand pits soul

a grain of grit

universal  sun born

woman made

blast aton elementry particles..


singularity of abstraction poetic mutate mandala 4d chart topographys


its perception and product


a compass point to lost n found n dangerous









Hell! Introspectionn on the demise of family

Culture ..worth... meaning..

Speculative enacted future diagramatics..

Aesthetic bravery...adaption...synthesis..


Jeesus jim this aint the 70s !

Theres no money for free thought!


Theres a war we havta obey

Da da decrees

Feminise that cult to innocuous bland seditary retail compliance...


Techno core lobotomy opioid distanceces like career ego feedbacks of a gratuitous free fall freedom generation x

Permanent consensual lockstep prisonor..


From self


See i think art is a one way language to self n absolute




Confusion battle

And complex realitys of the hijacked design future we inhabit..the mall pacific real estate greed stupidity n theft fantasy campervan commune.of 5$ coffees.


Back to preyer son

Who what why


The patterns

The beuty

The wholey- cost..


Dream a different time line of identity

Create a reality..

Be a self worth being



All storm gale fire flood and 


These phenominal trasitional states


As culture made by land

And ..the short term influences of gene swarm globalisms hiway

Tourism of real seeking 


Winds up...returning


In a measurable dialog process

Of chaos chants

Expanded contracted projection assumption

Expectation drives


Pregnant zero 

Fertile futility wonerfull abnigation 


It can miricle itself with me

Frozen broken church of cultural colonial dream

Sovereign identitys






Private thoughts received transmitted 

Added in exchange confused confidence

And empathys compassionate effort


All is blessing

Begin again

Zen mind



Drawing a thread of causal assosiation entanglements as projection assumption in mind

A leaping in difference little rivers studio floor

With myrr burning...


Then at


Web selections as fly struggles

But so many more behelzebub eyes around ...

Art destroyed by the internet  of jpeg menu thumbnail marginalised mundanity frontage farce

that spider is there at my negligence

Or there a soul that recognises itself in one anothers secretions..

Shadows on a cave wall..

A curator/beurocrat sport of identity assemblige dj collage 



As if art was connected to more a class function of social statis quo reinforcement.

...oh were all so rareifyed n sensitive genuine n booshwaa bootique


In the re frameing and language of exhaustion displacement 

A surrogate homes

And comfortable hermatige .


The blessings in some offering in temple

The investment in the humanity to get this far..she said

Its not worthless or disposable!


My babys are goddamn worth it!

We apprietiate yer honesty

Truths a virtue..

We wish we were free..


Now what good have you to offer.?


Whats good

Whats bad

I think you know..i thought


But youve been told forever ..what is

In the murk

The economy grinds a deeper diction

Like tectonics of the matrix

Gold backd oil arms n insurance


Whould you recognise the angel.

Would it judge you

Or would you judge yourself..


Fricked great being this savage dark age agent

Beauty n love..

A cultivation in pro noia


The edge lands my wind whinges..

Storm ionises the negative positive conflict generation of zeuses pregnant shaft thinky thinks on the roundy ball womb

In dilateing maybe twighlights


Still oats n extras

Ancient futures gestate


To not have t know

Still child



Thank you for your support


Love and friendship. 








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