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This is a long journey around india from south to north on a royal enfield motorbike.

To both tourist places and random inbetween up blind alley places.


might call it a mid life crisis pilgrimage

Although the crisis has kinda always been there...

But thats the way the fat lady sings in the supermarket of extinction n renewel..

Go well my son

Words like quim long wonder up start

Wont occur often..

But then again ...i controll your attention.

So anything happens

As it does.INDIA as

Anarcho chaos field of fall apart trashbag primitivism cartoon religeon greed death hungry 

Innocent child heart

On motoscooter

Is a short sub title for any one wanting to refrence this in there phd thesis.

 (i do naked interviews for 500$ )

karelais a socialist state ..meaning the worlds only democraticly voted communist state....also indias predominant christian colony from portogese n english 2017 LULU mall indias largest indoor complex to here..apparently this means a progressive attitude...

I cant quite fathom the paradoxs of global capitalism brand fetishism of monoculture..

And democratic communism..


The planets a mystery son !

as are the apes..

But the heart light..

Flow with the traffic rubbish n mysterys.

The little guy is kinda supportd by th local governmnt...a few traditional art things like tabla citar concert.

..also no smokeing in public no nice vibe !  

The rubbish fires sux ass tho...bad foul satan incence.


PAPA NOEL burnings in fort kochin. A hybrid indian cathlic zone...hordes of rabid sober young males partying like a suger rush...burning th wiker man.! Sooper fun. Then in alleys they burn there own santa effergys. ...burn th man! (Images

And kathakali trad pantomime with complex sign hand language. Basicly this demon chops up his lady..dont know why...? Some backwater canoe sailing...tourist tour. Saw cottage industry co op industry...and artist run space called B . C. backyard civilisation... backyard civ

Emit getting a toy drum lesson..before the big parade.

White man cometh!

And cometh...(but isnt portugeese misionry..)

We went to this fishing beach and talked with locals on the rocky pier ...why were we tourists here? So far from the bar n cafe....haha

We went off on our scooters down the line..innprep fer a more major away mission to th tea n tiger hills...battling thru th small roads..flowing around potholes..cows..busses bearing down named infant jesus..ect...

Shambly ancient modern nowness n child smile motobike mini vrooms.

Plush homestay in hill town munnar...hyper tour guide man ...fee rides...egg toast bfast...

Top station scooty rides pothole buss overtske on blind corner 

Might is right on ya ...logo is..

We the romance kings!

Stop fer coconut near th eucalipt forrest monkey and dam...100 tarpaulin gift shops selling same crap...

Boy deftly whak whak whak off top of coco nut..still all fingers!

Nice drink scoop flesh from inside..

Tonight indiginous amcient  martial art dance...on way waterfall n spice farm...

And i got sick...

Its innitiation...over stimulation..

And travel..

Stayin bed..pain draw into inturnal..


Perceiveing perceiver

The guy sneezeung perhaps

Selking the deepfryed chilli pepper..

The waterd down lassi ?

Cant be helped.

Yesterday...up to largest karela..


Sheer bluffs...home to a rare thar..and 12 year only blue flowering brush...( amidst the roadside maggi n omlette chai stalls from mad max..)

Increadably ameanable kind n pleasent...pple call out to scooty riders..hullo hullo!

The childlike joy n fun in everyone is increadable.


Deep cut gorge...

Dolmins n shonkey rock art by this ancient primitive..

On " built like a gun"  royal enfield classic..

We pay trek..


Leopard poo!

MAD 11 hour



Big temple...

road warrior flows

Mountain road..bus swing out wide

Horn as force field

"Please sound!"

Drives at night...brave soul

Uses the force

And pothole chicken cow pig


Flow with the critters..

He found coffee..! So can make his own.

Local mountain growen. 

Not milk suger weak nescafe...

1200 year hindu complex temple.

Golden piller...

Meditation group inside

Pass by old man in backroom..

Pay for blessing..stank of urine..

Sounds like religeon to me

Meditation loverly

Gentle body awareness

Light in heart



Then...anything else youve ever done..forget.

I the only way

But but...this similer to qi gong i say

He say..

You do my way or leave!

I was just enjoying this light in my heart

And comes down t a controll heirachy realy.

Just like qi gong!

Haha..human politics ego n power.

Or male heirachy?

In this one instance i see the whole problem..

I leave confused annoyed . Briefly however i was meditating in 1200 year old living a ritualistic cave of stains n encoded dirt preyer majic n belief..intent will n humility of astronomical mystical past science integreated sci wisdom.

Family domestic tourism trinket sales fever 

And snaks always snaks!


Cop on gate had automatic weopon..but very friendly...

In this city in tamil nadu they celibrate pongu

A ancient fertility harvest fest

Where some sects ...fight handsome our pal here.

Some cold mountain incubate bacterial infection in warm humid kochi.

..hustle the corner...

My friend

My friend

My friend

Stay in cashmere..some yes.

Talking..cough cough..splutter.

Like israli bike guy selling crap tank


We...ble vhess in ambient corners..poetic solar cafe

Art biennale library...meets..

Contemporary emerging.

The whole place organic installation..

Kali temple..salt pile

Chai tea..poured in air...chippatti dough spun thin..

Input hot dirt in lungs..

...arcane motobike deals..offers

Registrations certificstes

Big numbers like 80 000 rupee


Cautious..and....steady research.

Recycle plastic yard..boat fishing dock

Converted gallery warehouse

Chats with the muslim arvo gents about communism..n art gallerys..

Water storm damage on new pier fort cochin

Uru gallery....climate photo essay between russia sudan n karela india...

The dude on the classic white 1978 bullet..with handmade custom exhaust..pure metal!..thup thup

 40 kph thru donky goat road

Tryin t sell..i been asking round fer a week now...

Cy thonmbly eat ya heart out..graphiti outside hospital.

Like interviewing fer wife..but..more not to die in india realy.

Kali willing.

Was out in th boonies..bought m phd film chum in mollywood a chai n fryd thing.

Was instantly engufed by loveing school boys all wanting me to buy them one.

Cept i asked what there dads did..real estate i was told. Sigh..i buy rich kids fryd things.

This guy is a craft emporium sales guy. This guy not too bad...a state employee. Th tuk tuk guys take ya to these places and get payed to do so. 200rps a head.

Once inside..aladdins cave of desireable consumerable carved n woven handicraft.

And dont repeat dont...

Engage the carpet guy...they will hypnotise you with there performance...



There cashmere family hand labouring your silk thousands of years ago...

...even if true...the pure theatre.

Ove had it four times now...

There trained to perform this....its something.

I tend to feel cornerd like a fly. Break th spell by walking out.


But i offer to tuk tuk friend..who test drives my bike options as a veterin. I kinda like the average small hustler...they more human. Maybe about class?

Dunno...tuk tuk dudes humble...bottom of th pile service 

Observe people all day...locals. the pple selling stuff..

Are also the culture..ironicly. 


has a "love marrage"

And therws 28 familys down there that need my help

Cos i met him 30 secs ago.

Indeed his daughter was glowing.

The old...scrabble in dirt lime children..gibbering

Pple my age bath in trash maranaded stagnant water..

While proudly declareing cleanliness..

I did notice a public toilet with officious language on it declareing no open defication in the street

But the guys seem to there checkerd mini skirt

N do something with there private parts..

Yoof tear off to the river..kavery 

Thats very low..

And gather sacks of sand...for the loophole economy fer middle eastern development...cement.

As theres is salty of course.

The chaps get 50 roops a sack. About a doller .

En masse i suppose a oil fed condo complex could be built..

Meanwhile...earnest christian indians tell me about vedic tradition and jesus corrolations at the shanti vannam ashram.

Where eucharist freeks me out with th auto hypnotic group think

But seems appropriate in a medieval mind world

Strung out between forces

Of global capital n science occult materialism.

The who am i of vedic historys

The why do we suffer of bhuddist theologys

The ecological..biochemicle hazard of burning rubbish..n 

The man with the cheezels!!

And theme park idolitry!

And modern cop comedy scary movie haunted house psycho mumma KALI right wing hindu mytho politic propaganda 


Christian mystic oasis..where americans and nz artists come (suggested donation)

But my cell is safe...

There was this fluke of stumbling apon a organic farm in small town..down from military tiger tourism hill..where you can eat for a 2 k walk or go back..national park. 

In fact the man said this was SHIVAS TREE it exuded more oxygen than any other. He was trying to grow lots.

We lamented the mono culture coconut plantations around here...for trendy coconut cooking oil. 

The super moon bloodmoon blue moon just happend..

The lunch preyer bell just sounded.

Stop drawing james.

Damn spiritual tourism bollix...

Thin veneer of the ghost of past colonial culture wars....infiltrateing the personal ritual of how ya know ya self..

Language aboration

Tool paracite..

And ya walk a circle

Sideshow of currancy ..bluffs n beggs community..

Meaning begs..

Up th hill..sweat like a pig..isolated disasociated..

Relaxed warm..

Tides of traffic..magnetic electro mojo..




Greedy fearfull lust arrogance..

My baby


Who is this

White fella


De population protocols

N toxic fluride flush my cellulite

Broken home n mental health addiction social decay loops abundant ...

Retard pantomime..

Ritual on auto repeat..


Self hypnosis....

Time cutureates feedback loops


All in the bits


Dimentions in 


Slights of mind

crime alchohol unemployment





Bio rythmic feedback of..

Whole sustainable puke econometric

Buisness abortion

People heart..

Livin in ya open sewer

Rubbish n 

Mother heart atom

In the dirt

Holy n normal 


Normal people.


There is only traffic


Eternal incessant prehistoric tooting



Heat carbon monoxide

Grit dust

Lung chest nose sinus problem

Rubbish burn offs



Angled dickwads comeing straight at ya

Pple walkin infront of ya

Pple smileing pushing infront

Four pple on a scooter...behind a overloaded lorry of steel bars scantily tied on

Traffic like extinction flow of glacier melt

Of my termite mound economic nessesity to leave bigger carbon footprint be my own master of destiny


Ridiculous fossel based suicide rigged willing ignorant

Peasant revolt...


As dayly preyer of forgivness acceptance and  unmanageability

Whwre is any of us going?

Culture subsumed by anamalistic guteral unconscios plennem of riseing noise...primal machine

Cyborg lang...a forrest..a ecology


Tortored nazi slavery economic totalitarian capital trance..

A gods demonic curse to a species..

Addict getting th kids hooked..


A get to know you thing..

Till...we...achieve a bio mesh of telepathic flow

My synchronous rightbrain mumma feels

Yer nature data..


Preyer in perpetual change growth

The breath we share 

With grit n death fumes ..


Space time co ordinates of the continual movements...the information cresendos

In the 

Petrol wet dream of peaking


Joined in grey snake third werld rides

Fat tittyed small dogs languidly smile padding across moterway




Allco existing on road

Old man tight leathery skin ...checked tamil skirt thing..waveing stick...

Woman pushing cart full of a pathetic clutch of unappealing snacks.

The profound commercial reality of buy sell

Anything all th time

The currancy in substrata of undeginable layers of different in different states

The cloneing degradation of a high civ..

Gone semi times cascade of forgetting...

Some intellect on auto pilot..

In cells..

Rural industry propper

And abandonment at some fundamental spiritual ecological disease level

Walls around ya factory

Shit smell smoke rubbish damage

Rape violence decay


Thatched hut


Ripped building apart...still living in torn half not fallen over to make way fer road..

Still...havnt seen violence as such.

Guns..or hitting.

A nieve well obedient unruly class of children ..doing as god made them to do..


Create wealth fer there betters..

Shuffle about..drink tea

Ride a scooter or honda hero

Or indeed

A enfield across india with backpack strapped t back like art cad dandy..on safari.. sure the neo con mefia mind fuck of nzilds gentrifying slave natzi mind is doin fine in its boomer prestigue of lifestyle denial codes democratic 

Feudal totalitarian capital global heist locust prison farm..


Were a ancient majical animal

Who thru agriculture class has alienated ourselfs and all ecologys habitats

To certain death ...

Life boats..and dependant juggernaught of splintering social viable meaning purpose and werth 


A sublime stuttering depressive tradgedy of brillient terror mundanity



Divine awareness...





Under phenominalogical waves


Points arbitory refrences of transitory everchangeing..un fixed non certain


Expanded ..from top down

From in out

Subtle form..built

A playing



Being bullyed by sadist giant..

Ruthlessly abuseing everything.

True story


Infested dust sinus 

...great raod knight thy burn

Him dream androdiginous shiva dad

Table top chipaTti dance...

The ancient alien

Tech o spawn n refrag...

Smoke drift in preyer symbol

67 k day..

Welldressed old wimmin begger denys ya tea n buiscuit offer

But hounds n grabs n effectivly psycho muggs me

I react butch...aint having this!

Just fed some chickens crumbs ffs

..she wanted eat gesture

I offer tea n buiscuit

Thinken her fat pal there n flash sari a bit of a mid class giveaway...

What ya want? Me to buy ya a house?

Never be yours anyway..always the states

Th councils

Someother demon conglimerate..

Mm...short of punching th old locust

Grabbin at me feverishly not hearing no

I wasnt gunna be mugged 

I drove off.

I choose when t give

..i do aswell

But not on a pushy bastard.

Hard not to get negative n take that with ya..

This countrys like a psychic mirror

Its echos in ya own karmic loop cycle


Im...a harsh judgemental prick..with short tollerance n lack o trust.

Still...big picture may be a bigger highway..and heart

I know who you are 

I know you better than i know my self


The kids been to doctor wearing a shirt that speaks to me...i pat wimmin nearby ignore me..if id been a lady id have fussed on there kids too..but its a bit suspect ...anyhow..the hotel residency was atrocious horn noise all fkn night.

Now theres angle grinder n hindi pop blareing from a builders busted stereo

To backgrounds of well dressed little madams from matriculation school...chanting national anthems..

Dum art noise kiwi drug kids

You dont know shit...

Thats a garage fertility shrine wall fer ya millit crop..

Its jimmy cooper same same in andra pradesh!!

Its auspicious to show a white guy in black..ya baby while he eats ya kai..

(70c meals)

Yeah...roadside primitiveism with corperate development

Stone age style labour

Barbor me chit chat oilchange no language


No ones holding this nation back!

Go mars

Regardless of how im enjoying "it"

Its a privledge

And education to travel.

And detatch engage question

Ones own culturated inputs

While judgeing anothers... ahem

The process of being ok

In ya self

In strife

Perpetual upheaval

Everchangeing churn...

Life on her own terms



Serene comedy tradgedy heroic good hearted folks

Ignorant stupid ..greedy...discusting




With you



Intimate resighned

Intimate the loss of everything as one


Decays cancer sterilisation


No soulutions

Weoponised narritives

Weathord weopons

Economy slave

Algorythems extend collapse time vectors


Power...backlogs..fakes ..watchs garden mutate...inputs tech.

None of my concern

Machined media


Can we be said to enlarge our capacitys as we age?

To...extend beyond the confines of our birth

The edge extending...?

Knowing less n less more horizons bleed into smog n sun baked desert rock with fluttering advert wrapped around tree..

Privledge of passage lived life




Gain loss

Emo circuit restimulations





Go on..

Give probly dont exist anyhow




Re member

Ya primal innocence

Mumma babe

Dad protect

Circle sustain

Ancester workshop

Whos noticeing

Quest ion

Make it in simple terms




A godfell to earth


A upswell


Ground water

Holographic universe

Solution focussed


Autonomy war

Robotic subservience groupthink

Artists will inspire 

Thinking fer yaself like the other bright ones do

Majics real

Real isnt so real we find

Higher trust

Living intelligence

Somestuff we cant see

Willing ignorances

Light vehicles built of belief consciousness will n energy

Higher dimentionally charged


I am storm..

The words biggest tree



Enter thru thru th hold up point..carpark entry fee..

Welcome relief....small town shsnty village india back road...

Wild west scapes rock butressed boulder peaks..

Shaded lanes n dry wells...

But woman calls to me to fill my kind..

I play with th kid by pulling white man faces..


Strange shrines with outsider art..

And outsider priests merrily inside the art!

Its funny..ya come across the planet

And get the most outta the simple suff

Leaves falling in breeze

Smile from stranger

Cups of tea with old dudes

Swim in river

Sit on warm rock lookin at sunset

While listening to village farm people unwind in valleys

Stars come out..


In a crouded city tonight

I saw a woman boiling a big round pot by fire on footpath

We want that connection

With what we are..


The supermarket guy got his pantys in a right bunch wen th price on th organic tulsi tea bags all individually packaged

Wouldnt input

It was probly th most new age wankster thing i consumed here..

Buiscuit chip n comfort crap has been my addictive poison addmittedly..

And coffee.. flash supermarket couldnt compute th herb tea...strange

I went n ate th rice n chutney on banana ya do.

The moterbike feels like a horse..well a modern one..

I didnt burst inta flame today..hooray.

Petrol was overflowing however.

Ive had a real short fuse with indians 


Its a cognitive dissonance

Th rules keep changeing

Im constantly stared at

Begged at


Woken up


Still its me that sits in my wee meltdowns

Its good to say no often 

And assert boundrys wen a bit on shakey ground.

I wanna be friends with this

Not adversary

Bit like my own culture too

Which i feel malajusted and highly skeptical of its goodness..

Doesnt leave ya many places to belong

Alienated like that

Call it family shall we?

Then again..the diseffected are probably more the norm than not

Were all refugees and the enemy of the system weve created obeyed and submitted too..for generation apon generation..

Stick my feet on the planet

Take my sick

Beamed in from another star

The meat suit


Wave form flux pulse

Dont think much of religeon

Its shrines

Its childish mockery of my attention..

Like toys in ideological cartoon mythosphere...

A psycho pop archtype fetish ...of ancient politics n social order...

With a kernal of mystical inner coded magical histry..

Hmmm...sci fi





Are we forever bounded by the limits of culture class language environment?

Or can there be empathic union in common expwriential data fields?

Oh i dunno

The suns magnetics

Reckin eco sci tech n fem intuitive heart mind uplinks

In ya dreamtime baby

Primal animal

Un insured

Or insane



Enterthre blockade of gang wimmin..

Carpark money

Whirlwind trash paperplate sacred place


The commodifyed temple

Tree larg3st (guiness book record 1989 baby)

Wheres the centre?

Begging priest motions to concrete slab painted gayly..



But...about same age as some philosophical passing sage of rishi valley ...600 year ago

The field of energy in seed...we can enhance inform


Stress responces

Emvironment gene 


Open sewer gag

Piece of watermelon next to that sir?