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July 15, 2018

Car tent free camp warrior rain

VAST BEUATY glacier ripped lonly


Diareha perpetual resistant to treatment.

Gut mind disaster mood.


Go with the vicious wind..n mist n grey forceing...sp3ctral assult..relentless

N then

Skitzoid flashs of special spiritual

Smurf sunshine!

Endless purple lupins...

Dandilions...cosmic fractal moss..n crumbly grit soil.


Forward a river .bit scared..was thy deep n fast

.find abandond hot pool wot he was targetting

Some dudes flying drones in there makeing faggy trans type music vids..

Strange ol werld.

Blissed out with th matted clumps of algae

N noticed new yorkers total self centred lack of social grace.

Still i did bark 

" yoos all probly pierced ya dicks together eh"

It was a joke...good one james




Break ya exhaist pipe

Entreat viking mechanic t weld the bastard together again..

Take off wire string splint.


The man said "good job" 

At me outta nowhere 50 k away.


Fuk i made the grade bro!


very expensive tourism island euro nice







Time memory






































Dead artist..but kinda sim8ler to lewellen summers n henry more..that picasso kinda model.


Digitise my nuts big tranny kunst







































Dear chum.

He sits in car
wind rain rageing.
Makes another coffee on floor. Gas cooker.

Grey torrents of sky..make gathering flocks of hundreds of geese in fjord white bobbing points...warbling incessently some big bird philosophy
Or simply breakfast interrupted by god storms.

Write things about moody
Hopeless deranged antivipation constructions of art career carrot stick delusions..or indeed
Personality...wasted life kind of failures..
At least some
Powerlessness in humble bad gut storm mind.

Beyond his own myth..
And expectations
Cultural scripts..

Some kinda abstract philosophical spiritual grief howl n ...purpos to make evident my own harsh judgements..
Perhaps noble truths even.

Outside th ego frame..
Th elements.

Still as factory farmed bacteria serfs
I suppose higher nobility is not afforded apon us..all th vain postulating..hypothiseing..hmmm

Pickd up a nice soft peter pan type german hitcher guy.
He wasnt hitching acturally..i just anticipated he was.
He woulda been.

Anyway spent some time travelling together..nade a camp ate a meal
Talked non stop.

He was inta civilisation!

As one bitchin james
Reveals a optimistic one with th weather..

He isnt entirely sure th script fer canada..
For nz
What real...whats not.

India seems a bad dream full of angry james....i feel ashamed.
6 m9n5hs ruind by some brillient temper tantrums
Not to mention my immune system.

Ive has some awsome camp sites here..been able to rest read wash cloaths with sun n stream..

Stare at nature like a meditation.

Even this road side bad weather
Some kinda beuatifull.

Another diary full..

Not particularily lonly..
Morose in a ..whats all this for?

This privledged escspeism where i essentially repeat th known anyway.

Am i trying to de couple from my small cultural habitat mental references..
Self references

Do i end up living in canada?

What am i prepared to let go of?
To grow
To change.

Do i retreat back to my comfortable ...cave..make stuff like it was my feel constantly disapointed after by th world

The process emotionly with temanawa
My own sence of werth with th work itself feels like a increadably painfull ordeal.

I need a fucking buidcuit bitch!
Get me a buiscuit!


Some prat has pulld inta th bay next t me
They always do.
If im there they copy. Its a mimic if theres someone there already.

Ive no buiscuits.
Finn crackers
Spelt that way cos there finnish rye sourdough..thin crispy things.
Fukin scandy middleclass cunts.

I read a ray bradbury novel
Fareighnheight 451
About book burning n civilisation written 70 years ago.
Quite profetic.

I got a fantasy new york one next..the dreaming city
A cross between trainspotting n harry potter th dark knight cartoon writer says.

Got a few more days burning money in iceland n being in nature and car tent.

Its all a bit much
Having ambition
N sensitive selfawareness n
Addictive delusional loops..

One has t sirender
Maybe its better than i suppose?
Maybe i am middleclass n loved
Itll all flow naturally
Maybe im a outsider destind to a against th grain personality war rash with th whole bulshit ediface th whole way thru
Achieveing nothing

Maybe th universe is benevolent n cares
Maybe its a monstrous simulation experiment from a higher dimention spiritually..ever teaseing our capacity fer...
I dunno..
To die good?
To become empowrred fully human transcendant masters?
To give up
Merge with th unknowable we are somehow born from

Rain roof

This is a photo from last night
This other one is today.

Merry xmas








Sitting in car..rain on windscreen.
Pattering points in ...some incalculable hopelessly vast chaotic symphony of totally plain miricle
On roof.
My ears hear the vibration..of the fall
Falling water
Water fall

Tent rain take down..efficient practiced accurate rushed.
Like a dog...
The outter membrane.
Flurrys fly drops skatter.

Before then
A actual dog
Waiting for me by this waterfall rain mist green grey cold protected from wind

...burrow dip gully..
in th fold of the wet trail of river....slideing thru velvet green and broken volcanic teeth of rock.

The dog
Wet..young first startled me...looking only from a respectable distance...musta caught whiff of my fine foul emissions of gas from the imballance..
C DIFF anti bacterial infection of colon.

Good dog.

Anyway...once i realised it wasnt gunna attack were just a wet lonly mamel too
I thought to feed it.

And could only offer butter wholemeal bread n peanut butter.
Which at th car boot..
It sniffed rather non plussed n did not eat! dreadlocked friend..
Ill have to scratch yer belly then..which it procurred fer me
Paws up in the air...
I declined the lower portion of its body underregion..near th penis you understand
We only scratched by th chest.
Im never sure what a male dog wants when obedient submission poses occurr
Ask a woman i suppose.

I dreamed of a gay friend too
Last night.
Not essentially a gay dream
But there were two of them.
One younger...a bright achiever upstart rebel kind of art student
And a older more...weatherd tired and not entirely friendly.
He explained it was his former self existing similtainiously
And in the dream..i could interact with both versions.
...which included a tour of a bedraggled crappy high rent student flat..with dangerous wireing..tilting floors
And cold.
They him n his arrogant flatmate seemd to feel lucky to score a dwelling of there own..artists being something of a refugee statis to landlords n estate agents generally.

And the psychic life of camping.

Oh th dog slitherd away..only to run gallantly after a ute who may have been his former master..

Who knows...maybe i as intro human and random camper in nowhere
Was mysteriously drawn by faerys to make this introduction again..of a lost

dog n master.




Very civilised utilitarian public rural swimmin pools.

Th big one 28degrer little 40degree.

So even when its snowy heaps

They do hot pools n swim...heaps of geothermal spots all over iceland

Some like 100$ t get into

Others like this..10$

Good t chat to locals much taX do ya pay? (Lowest 35%) 


Oh yeah..thats heaps.















No ones sayin i stay at these places..

Just weird they got maori names eh

































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