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420am mumbai to kuwait to cairo.

Went ok.

Watched some psychic adolescent adventure film ...called dark tower on plane.

Interesting this...portal...unconscious..majic..

Cultural motif.

As troubled kid my self i concurr...majical abilitys visionry powers..and dark forces wanting to ruin ya are real.

Family...fer one.

But look..its totally realistic you can recover...and become a agent warrior nerd child of god..

Get ya will effort cape

N...dream possable ray emitter..


Get the other cunts out ya head..

Tune ya star

Love who ya gotta love.

And isis be praised

That orians belt overdrive..

That zep tepi

That galaxy skyriver

Astral symbiot

All free..

Baby soul bubble

Th best

Egypts t shirts are interesting political spiritual logo iconic philosophys so far

Im intreugued as to there wider attitude..

More...mysterious than indias obvious ganesh shiva mandala stuff.

Ill investigate further..

And confer with the authoritys n alternative researchers.

Go on subway

Get a bus

Guy says ill show you

Horse ride in cheeper..


I fall for it cos he seems reguler n helped me get bus.

Fuk never follow a dude whos helping you

Invariably a hustle.

50$ entry


Sucker sucker sucker

Im sure th young man there is just expressing a underdog sentiment

Around self empowerment..

Regards th koran on the dashboard

Cult virtue signal.

Tell it like it iz wee bro.

Another wee bro 

Selling hot cooked kumara 

Sweet potatoe

Which i thought weird in 37 degree.

Totally were kumera tho.

Had lunch with this local family..which was real cool..after i angrily ditchd th horse guy guide..

Cos he kept controlling me n selling me to his mates to walk up a pyrimid ect..

I dunno

Looking back i spoze wasnt bad..just..

Not knowing

Getting hustled..

Not understznding value currancy ect..

I get shitty if i sence being scamed.

Famly guy there

Aquard communication..

But hes a truck driver..real generous. 

Saw i was on my own..i hadnt had bfast either

Had pita bread n cheese hummis type dip n tomato n bean goop..fizzy

Was delishious.

They live in big ghetto area called october 6th city edge of cairo.which i stumbled thru to get back bit dirty after winds n dust rubbish n stuff.

Normal peoples kindness..humanity


Industry nessesitys.

Can i reconcile human nature to these forces?

Its weird in foreighn countrys..i cant even see whats a cafe or restsurant

There kinda th tumbly grot of broken masonry n donky poo..

Some good faces here

Big people..

Lotta bellys goin on


And some strapping muscild physics too.. not ancient egypt..

Or anything to do with pyrimids realy



Im sure ancesters here..hauled  brick or two up there for our lords tho.


Fuck man!

Try n get a train...or info...


Get a bitchin mood on 

Walk around metros n trainstations 

Get a number wait in line

Get change

Wait three days..

Go to track 11 office

Come tomorrow

Usa doller only

No change

Come back tomorrow

You want what?

Wait here...

What you want?

Next station..

Only wendsday..

No change

Come agaon tomorrow.

Go doller only.



Seat one carrage one


Great innitiations...but i managed to get a coffee..a pita with non meat in.

And i can buy stuff from corner stores.

Th rest is a damn mystery.

Got m tickit to aswan..finally..

And..only took two days.

But im my own werst enemy and 

Now i give beggers a bit.

Go hard soft core travel dude..





Feel so greatfull for art. Th sorta experience priest classes may have got in th past.. We get to experience in intuitive forms inwardly. Cultures become saturated with information.. Th high knowledge Now populer..if u look for it. Spinning personal meaning Seems like A role only nobles could have conceived of in these other eras.

Runn8ng the gauntlet in secret passages of ya own psycho make up

Trap doors n 


All inside

As is majic intention n 



The whole courseing bloodstream of a thousand billion suns

Fractal holographic

In ya blood


Fibre of being.


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Seems pretty hard to get anywhere in egypt acturally. Spent a day getting train ticket Went to station three times got massivly run around beurocracy. I can see why pple do package tours.. But..felt relief at th end. And going tuesday to southern town on nile. 12 hour train trip over night. Read a few forums bout same run around n problems by pple. So its not just me. Its strange here..i couldnt find money changeing place around corner Asked 6 pple...everything so discuised by grime and arabic signage thats not obvious...they say left side indicate with there hand.. It may mean two blocks away May mean next door May mean take th left and stay straight. Its one understands the map on orientate. Many circuler conversations about th same thing so ya stop asking. Just sometimes..ya step out A car comes toward ya Or ya sit down n get told to get up Or Ya go down stairs t subway and police says ya cant.. All that...everything ya do seems thwarted. Later after i finally got ticket i got in th flow..felt like a spell quest compleated..was so relieved. .took lots of cool photos.. Kinda drenched in urban aesthetics Th architechture..faces...sounds The men yell advertiseing there bus routes...its primitive. Very loud. Even enjoyed getting lost way back to hotel. Found how to get coffee..ya sit down out side in a chair..cant see th coffee shop or cafe guy. But they find you... Lotsa them hookahs going on. Lotsa that smell. Crazy dark alleys...lotsa shops on india..bazaars. auto parts alley i found. Fine dust over everything...sand from desert.. Chill nights Not too warm in day yet. Been givin beggers stuff..a kid a pizza..ect Its a strange mix of old n new. ... Sleepin ok.. Quite like th city...down town. Big. But hope to see some ancient stuff. Museum today. Hows it goin..? 

Ancient egyption symbolism

Them plaster faces where so th rich dead guy could remember his face when he came back in spirit

In th do it all again.

Thats a toilet man outside the museum

Doing big wees..or whetting the concrete

As wet concrete settles dust..or appears clean fer a bit. They do that in india too.

The lady seems to be elevating the soft toy..teaching the statue about postmodern irony.