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420am mumbai to kuwait to cairo.

Went ok.

Watched some psychic adolescent adventure film ...called dark tower on plane.

Interesting this...portal...unconscious..majic..

Cultural motif.

As troubled kid my self i concurr...majical abilitys visionry powers..and dark forces wanting to ruin ya are real.

Family...fer one.

But look..its totally realistic you can recover...and become a agent warrior nerd child of god..

Get ya will effort cape

N...dream possable ray emitter..


Get the other cunts out ya head..

Tune ya star

Love who ya gotta love.

And isis be praised

That orians belt overdrive..

That zep tepi

That galaxy skyriver

Astral symbiot

All free..

Baby soul bubble

Th best

Egypts t shirts are interesting political spiritual logo iconic philosophys so far

Im intreugued as to there wider attitude..

More...mysterious than indias obvious ganesh shiva mandala stuff.

Ill investigate further..

And confer with the authoritys n alternative researchers.

Go on subway

Get a bus

Guy says ill show you

Horse ride in cheeper..


I fall for it cos he seems reguler n helped me get bus.

Fuk never follow a dude whos helping you

Invariably a hustle.

50$ entry


Sucker sucker sucker

Im sure th young man there is just expressing a underdog sentiment

Around self empowerment..

Regards th koran on the dashboard

Cult virtue signal.

Tell it like it iz wee bro.

Another wee bro 

Selling hot cooked kumara 

Sweet potatoe

Which i thought weird in 37 degree.

Totally were kumera tho.

Had lunch with this local family..which was real cool..after i angrily ditchd th horse guy guide..

Cos he kept controlling me n selling me to his mates to walk up a pyrimid ect..

I dunno

Looking back i spoze wasnt bad..just..

Not knowing

Getting hustled..

Not understznding value currancy ect..

I get shitty if i sence being scamed.

Famly guy there

Aquard communication..

But hes a truck driver..real generous. 

Saw i was on my own..i hadnt had bfast either

Had pita bread n cheese hummis type dip n tomato n bean goop..fizzy

Was delishious.

They live in big ghetto area called october 6th city edge of cairo.which i stumbled thru to get back bit dirty after winds n dust rubbish n stuff.

Normal peoples kindness..humanity


Industry nessesitys.

Can i reconcile human nature to these forces?

Its weird in foreighn countrys..i cant even see whats a cafe or restsurant

There kinda th tumbly grot of broken masonry n donky poo..

Some good faces here

Big people..

Lotta bellys goin on


And some strapping muscild physics too.. not ancient egypt..

Or anything to do with pyrimids realy



Im sure ancesters here..hauled  brick or two up there for our lords tho.


Fuck man!

Try n get a train...or info...


Get a bitchin mood on 

Walk around metros n trainstations 

Get a number wait in line

Get change

Wait three days..

Go to track 11 office

Come tomorrow

Usa doller only

No change

Come back tomorrow

You want what?

Wait here...

What you want?

Next station..

Only wendsday..

No change

Come agaon tomorrow.

Go doller only.



Seat one carrage one


Great innitiations...but i managed to get a coffee..a pita with non meat in.

And i can buy stuff from corner stores.

Th rest is a damn mystery.

Got m tickit to aswan..finally..

And..only took two days.

But im my own werst enemy and 

Now i give beggers a bit.

Go hard soft core travel dude..





Feel so greatfull for art. Th sorta experience priest classes may have got in th past.. We get to experience in intuitive forms inwardly. Cultures become saturated with information.. Th high knowledge Now populer..if u look for it. Spinning personal meaning Seems like A role only nobles could have conceived of in these other eras.

Runn8ng the gauntlet in secret passages of ya own psycho make up

Trap doors n 


All inside

As is majic intention n 



The whole courseing bloodstream of a thousand billion suns

Fractal holographic

In ya blood


Fibre of being.


Show quoted text Yes! We are functionaries for the propaganda arm of the Human Spirit! Show quoted text

Seems pretty hard to get anywhere in egypt acturally. Spent a day getting train ticket Went to station three times got massivly run around beurocracy. I can see why pple do package tours.. But..felt relief at th end. And going tuesday to southern town on nile. 12 hour train trip over night. Read a few forums bout same run around n problems by pple. So its not just me. Its strange here..i couldnt find money changeing place around corner Asked 6 pple...everything so discuised by grime and arabic signage thats not obvious...they say left side indicate with there hand.. It may mean two blocks away May mean next door May mean take th left and stay straight. Its one understands the map on orientate. Many circuler conversations about th same thing so ya stop asking. Just sometimes..ya step out A car comes toward ya Or ya sit down n get told to get up Or Ya go down stairs t subway and police says ya cant.. All that...everything ya do seems thwarted. Later after i finally got ticket i got in th flow..felt like a spell quest compleated..was so relieved. .took lots of cool photos.. Kinda drenched in urban aesthetics Th architechture..faces...sounds The men yell advertiseing there bus routes...its primitive. Very loud. Even enjoyed getting lost way back to hotel. Found how to get coffee..ya sit down out side in a chair..cant see th coffee shop or cafe guy. But they find you... Lotsa them hookahs going on. Lotsa that smell. Crazy dark alleys...lotsa shops on india..bazaars. auto parts alley i found. Fine dust over everything...sand from desert.. Chill nights Not too warm in day yet. Been givin beggers stuff..a kid a pizza..ect Its a strange mix of old n new. ... Sleepin ok.. Quite like th city...down town. Big. But hope to see some ancient stuff. Museum today. Hows it goin..? 

Ancient egyption symbolism

Them plaster faces where so th rich dead guy could remember his face when he came back in spirit

In th do it all again.

Thats a toilet man outside the museum

Doing big wees..or whetting the concrete

As wet concrete settles dust..or appears clean fer a bit. They do that in india too.

The lady seems to be elevating the soft toy..teaching the statue about postmodern irony.

check out micheal tsarion beyond knowledge on youtube.

(amoungst many )

 Regarding atonistic ( solar cult this gent set up..underpinning monotheism globally)

 and currant global mind controll mechanisms. 

Interesting passionate man.


Cant speak fer aton

what th fuk am i doin

Tourist hustle bullshit..

Dislocated self

Playin out some childhood displacement..


N looseing self

In crumbling identitys

Being re sold as content on others powerlessness

Th past..the present

The illusion the truth

Gas cement asphalt

Economic interests




Carnage land 

Able to bear

Externalitys equals death.

Sucker sucker sucker.

Confused confusion.

Conversion of all the werld inta money

The debt externalised


Ocean of suffering


Spirit world debt

Food for the moon

Been walking around downtown in a anxious delerium.

For 5 hours.

Cant find a seat



When i do..i get very rude miscommunication..or get ripped off.

I dont know what im supppsed to do.

Literally i cant find somewhere to sit..

Im fuking tired..grumpy oversensitive

Waiting for a train

To another egyption hustle .

Where im.supposed to get a boat ride

For hundreds of us dollers.

Ya pay someone they never have change

Ya sit down ya get told to stand up

Ya walk on a footpath ya cut off by a moterbike who looks at ya dirty.

Theres carbs to eat.

And pizza

And pitA.

But ya dant order anytjong cos theres no way of knowong how t get served..or what ya want.

So ya keep walking.

And walking

And walking

And walking.

Ya go inta dark foyers of apartment blocks to sit down alone

Someone comes in looks foul at ya.

Im turning into a zombie..

Beyond cheering up.

It all seems meaningless

Th shops ...selking the same crap..

Vanity items...civilised charades of statis..

Wobbling fat rolls of over fed greed..comfort...ignorance

Unballance..bad lifestyle

mine n theres.

The head scarfs..pretty smart faces lips flash of eye

flash n bling on a t shirt

Beuatifull girls

Macho yelling guys..doing a deal loudly..hollering taxis or whatever there bitchin about

Whats it all for?

This over of human..

This low quality of life this urban economic machine program of birth 

Endless expence of everything..

What is this hive...most of us inhabit..

Unconsviously cut of from source..

 future worth living.

Or surviving in

Some phase transition of core principles..values.

I like some of the buildings

Expressions on faces

Theres a shit load of flys that seem attracted in particuler to me.

Maybe thats why everyone smokes.


I got a seat in a large cafe finally

Me n th flys.

I might string it out fer ages..waiting for the train

People stub cigs out on anything everything

Id be in my hotel being miserable 

but i had today to kill with no plans.

Cant engage with a tour operater without severe alergic reaction distrust n the feeling of being ripped off.

Not sure how to overcome this bias.

See all.

Maybe my mood will change

Ill feel safe n realistic again.

Eat to socialised.

Remember who im supposed to be

And not get overcharged by a arab on the take.

Dont get me wrong

Theres some awsome people here


The tourist thing is so entrenched im nothing but a resourse 

not a person.

It wasnt worth comeing.

But here i am.

I got 7 rusty bottle caps from th base of the great pyrimid i spoze


Flannel and tea spoon from th museum gift shop..

Thats right !!....beloved

A flannel and spoon

What a dandy!

Its realy weird not fitting in extreemly

Ya considder going to english language films like "jumanji"


"pacific rim"

In th day

You resist th urge..


Wander pointlessly to a mark you accedently made on google maps

And take a photo there (the one says samer) traveller pilgrim.

Do it

Itll change..

Youll work.out how to drive yaself in unfamilier cultural fogs 

Or ya wont

Till the airoplane..back to the other strange place.

Why am i doing this?


That old guy was destind to put fish in my mouth

N prawn n salid in a pita pocket n overcharge me n watch me eat in that dark ally.


Was good.

So im a ungreatfull twat..

And evening softens the grind of walkin about.

I still stand outside juice places

N bakeries..looking smelling getting ignored..

But sometimes i get lucky..

Had a awsome carrot juice th other day.

Then some guy..says loudly from a cafe

Welcome to egypt.

He means it..

But im in zombie disasociative mode

Chatting to you..

I cant not feeling it.

I walk off..

But it was nice of him to single me out loudly infront of his mates.

so ya get th train..manage to cross the roads somehow

Get told it was at another station by friendly jelp desk guy

Who was wrong.

Sweeper guy

Acturally helps..yep right place.

Half hour wait

Go get coffee.

5hatll be twice what its worth anywhere else fer you buddy..

Makes coffee.

Oh no i dont have change.

I walk off.

If ya a snak bar at th railway stTion and you cant give me change dont make th sale..

Next guy..

Show him th 50 pound note. 

Can you give me coffee..and change that?

Dosnt look up

He slowly..makes coffee..never looks up..

No change.

Dude i showed you the damn 50..!

James walks off.

Third coffee stand now.

A woman!

I show her th 50..

Make sure shes understood th vast implications of th matter even tho we dony speak th same language.

She looks at me.

And lo

I get th bad instant coffee.

One of th other guys comes up to me now and wants me to pay him for his wasted non sold coffee.

I vlearly tell him to fuck off. Infront of th police.

He goes all outspoken..i walk off.

Stupid lazy imbecile coffee snak guys..

Youd think i work for them


Im in th train..go to th loo to

Pee..theres water everywhere..puddles on seat thats how they "clean"

I flush..standing up

A torrent of high preasure power thrust gushs straight at my groin on my jeans..soaking my jeans n legs. ass washer obviously i pressed th wrong button.

It reminds me i may need drinking wster for th 12 hour train trip.

Steps out..aquardly dripping.

Gets water.

Train pulls way

Sweeper guy (a true ally) urgently gesticulates for me to dash

Which i do and smoothly step on to rapidly accellerating away train in th nick of time.

Oh lord

What a day.

Nothing was stolen

Or hit by a car

Or mugged

Spoze independant travels spozed to be like this.

Good for ya intrepid blog no one will read .

But ya find it helos to write.

Maybe thats the same as art..

Dont matter if theres audience

Ya need to do setting the universe right..

Reconc8leing forces..expressing the inexpressable..or getting close.

Or trying.

Spoze coffee dudes at trainstations might have that instinct..maybe im lucky to have that will to compute all these annoying failures in some metaphysical tangent of psycho emotional existential brainfart..

Or maybe being cross at my own malfunctions in how to cope or drive this guy needs a outlet.

Rareifyed sub cultural neurosis..honed 

To imaginary possabilitys 

If a possable is imagined ..

Like excellence

Does it mean it exists already?

Imagination being a kind of virtual actural in awareness.

Imagined is still something after all.

Thought form n feeling shapes.


So what are we realy..

Enmeshed as



This word nature






Love joy







masks of state...former and present. 

Ediface of meglomaniacal one percent.

Self styled intergenerational cult. th museum in cairo..

All 5h toys n finery of the elite..all party political self god deity creation (artists would make)

And this small room for the farm gear..the nets hoes ploughs stuff like that.


A sacred river plane called khem..the black land

Cos th fertile soil of flooded delta annually

All the surplus of the hive..goes to elites..

While for thousands of years..the agricultural labourer..

Woman man child

Acturally enabled them priest woofters n there owners.

With lives in union of cycles..once were nomads.

Just saying...historys a con game.

On the way to abu simbel (3 hour starting at 4am!!)

the colossi

Theres these hill n erosion stones like sphinx n pyrimid..but natural.

All this was forrested in thousands of years ago..

Interedting 5hat feeling of large figures

Juxtiposed to the small of your own.

Then inturnally the largeness of ya self

Like that similtainious expanding contracting state

In infancy dreams

Falling infinite smallness

But enlarged massiveness too.

Mr felluca captain there..

Who started the dawdle with a long lunch while we watched impatient cos i was already waiting 40 min fer my hosts hook up lateness.

then he hustled for tips..


Nothing happens.

And after.

I love a bad ride and being shaken down n guilt tripped for there economic state..

Before receiving any kinda boat ride.

There bastards..loveable..but tourism sux.

I jump in th nile cos its hot.

Its fukn delishious.

I get told off

No swimming.

Your kidding right?


This is what its come too..


Cant swim in th nile on a hot 40' day.


I did.

But they look pretty. Thats the main thing keeping up appearances.

Aswan up nile being a ancient gateway to desert and africa..sudan ect 

Lotsa spice markets..this one being fumigated with incence on coals.

No half measures!

Funny to think that alot of these ancient tribul traditions found there way inta white christian colonialism .theres a root here

Egypt religeon formation

Ethno botanicly theres acacia tree that bleeds sap..leaves expell a gas if eaten.

Acacias got alot of dmt in it.

Reckin the ancient egyptians burnt harmala as incence

Acacia tree of life tea


They totally did ceremonial magic 

With pharmaceuticals..

As did mosus (a egyptian pharoh btw)

Just saying..

Gnosis...the land..nobility...spirituality...

Ancient of human animal.

Not a nano tech..communion wifi

A plant body cosmos relationship.

But oil technology cults..are pretty afraid of that.

A addict culture...terrofyed of addiction.

Keep it safe eh..

Economic metrics set you free ..perpetual growth



Theres a reckoning happening as we get upgrades..see clearer..

i dont know shit about shit

Call that humility if ya want



As soon as i get a perspective attitude..

Its criss crossed with multiple  other time.

I like listening to heaps of researchers

About stuff

Orthodox n so called alturnative.

Spoze one precious thing bout humanity

Is curiosity


That quantumn wet ware up on the antenna spine eh.




Took a walk like a black sheep

Dared not pay to enter temple.

Walkd th back roads of arab town ghetto.

half preditory hustle

Half friendly male aggressive botchd communication.

Cant order a tea without mass misscommunication. Inflated price

And deception.


Even th kids intimidate . Order ya round.

Cabin ship guy flicks a can inta th nile

I scowl at him

Come on man..its ya river ya goddess

Ya job even.ya wanna flick trash in?

In front of me?


Sorry sir..big fuk you whitey.



Mass tourism a factory conveyor belt of shame. enjoying my window seat in bed to the river glideing past.

Listening to terrance mkenna going on about metamorphisis n techno alchemy potentials dimentional fluxs civilisational eco disaster triggers to mutogenic biological evolution

To survive outselfs

 museings from 90s.

My golden age

(Tho was wretchardly painfull at th time)

Theres th touts waiting to get us.

They cant see me cos of mirror reflecter.

Travel takes me out of routines of safety habit..

Puts me uncomfortably in front of my own patterns

Safty protection..assumptions..bias

Emotions and mental challange.

Roots of pathology..the hard stuff.

The journey..

Is where ever i am of course

Some prolonged rituals force exposure

And reflection..

There isnt a theropist

Or elder

There aint no guide.

Theres a coupla friends

Who know

Most dont want them selfs

Its lonly.

But thats what it is.

Were all there reLy.

Thats what art is

Being hurt in a hurting world

Trying to make sence of it..

While polishing the facade

Or attitudes




Egypts not entirely safe or good.

Its like india is fairly restimulating.

What am i doing wrong?

What am i running from

What would i like to change

To love me better.

About knowing whats real and whats false

Rattling around in my reaction judgement heart

Seeing ..oh way down the dangerous rabbit hole again.

Fulla shit


Just sirender..

Hope in not knowing

Could all be so healing!

Forgiveing understanding

With out th religeous bits

Just had a meditate with this guy.

He kneels

I sat.

Islam preyer just hollerd thru th air 

As i decid3d to sit.

In this body

But this structure

Is set n fenced off

So i got some peace.

Seeing all this pomp n bluster of ancient

Religeus devotion up man ship n statecraft

Piety..propaganda meaning history


Makes me realise its all baby steps

in human potential.

Like..what we babys as adults as elders

What this form comeing 



Or even transmutation into more subtle forms..spirit vehicle

Th galaxy..

Its all inturnal..with out authentic practice


Well..includeong getting lost


Theres nothing that aint corrupt 

Without sincere humility

And or


Resulting letting go to some more fundamental law.

We are 

So for me..

Will humans survive technology

Whats ..

Harmony look like in a birth


Panic attack

Or massivly potent existence sub bubble

As self


Were as good as our problems

Im a middle class tourist in de nile

Valley of kings

Them or us?

I want reality


Fundamental essence

Arts like history


And journey

And shadow

And illusion and lower and higher

Human condition similtainiously

At differemt time waves


We can only exist in th conditions that cosmic n terrestrial patterns n relationships allow

Were guests.


Egocentric anthrocentric

Widen peripherys ..extinctions monocult

Pyrimid schemes of management

Light body


Massive smallness

Brain mapping

Sound vibrations

Radio waves

Deepspace dreams.

Museings on intra contact

In ancient..human 

Recent earth time.


Its about time


N light