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Poem readings

Reading a few poems of David Eggletons as they assosiate to art works ..some intentional some assosiative in theme.

There great ive learnt alot listening to this guy n between th lines...what ya not saying..what ya are..

Hes totally a sketch artist metamiphisition..with wit gravity fun n sharp smarts.

Considder this genuine enquiry and cross reference of the d i y improv..ONE HANDED GUY

as responce sketchs.

strangely enough..i didnt see this till after i decided to do TELEPROMPTER poem in my tribute mural which my pshychic raydoor picked up from the field..although as a higher entity chanelling shaman im sure david put that in th teleprompted nodal flux fart for me to get a whiff of....this is a otago access radio artshub interview

I think poetry and art are realy nessesary in our age to make meaning out of fragmented psychic space of individuals.

Makeing meaning

Mutating language

To link up

To subvert our own corruptd scripts of interior voice that may not serve our highest development

Poetry and art

When free


As native a animals in the forrest and mountains of the human ancestral hinterlands of mind.

Primordial paths beginning with desire ego and crushed vain pandering of neglected child

Then...becomes the majestic wize surviver being able to self construct.


Shapeshift thru ideologs and identity


In short

Poemry and art

Are the start of the highest capacity man has which is divine self reflective cosmic intelligence receivers transmitters

One of you

But alterd..and self regenerating mutations

Seeding majics.

Arts self programing. And universally affirming. Probably closer to primary relationship than all else. In the universe self relecting back as itself

In man kind.

Some little iddy bits of the body

Create dna..maintain it...code..n upgrade



The terrain...knowing selfs...

Star stuff

Illusionry transit..

Glory pulse

All hot wet meat and things attaching.

Turnd gas..vapoor..fields

Rotations spins.

Unknowables inter relationships

Dormant repressed narritives selfs ghosts of culture or family or tribe and race of nationhood

Of selfhood

Its a tapestry

Of identity

And exploration of becomeing truly whole

In selfhood

As other

This is personal political spiritual cultural work

Artists do when they share consciously in role

And not to be confused with academia

Or corperste or state narritives you understand.

This edge

Is individuality and identity itself

In our brave new world.

This is true

And truth they say..sets you free

So whats freedom?



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