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India (chapter two)

Airport art. From naga land. ..they had carving totems too..very pacific.

Mural in train alley.

Second 90 day stint. Egypt to cairo..sick. But with good airplane films All strangely echoing themes of men with kids..and evokeing emotional weepyness.. 1 manglehorn (al pacino) 2 infinitly polar bear 3 security (action no brainer..but hes protecting a 11 year old girl..) So all these disolveing redundant male architype roles fed back to In a vacuume sealed autonimous airport faximilie of life...or is that just my identity makeover matrix globalist agenda spreading Make it back jubulently without any bad stuff..cept a last gesture from egypt man authority..customs pat down strikeing my nipples forcefully. It seemed...fuk i hate egyption guys...i glowerd at him.. Saying mentally.. Dont fukin touch me like that creep.! Dont care what uniform you got on. I dont have a bomb in my tit dude. Googled rape in egypt..yep..suspician confirmed. Massive child abuse n male n femal rape stats...thatll explain sone of the dark vibes. And we rememver the cheery cathlic background hum.of ya ruined famly..and Psycho standover fsmly violence of ya own pacific state house ghetto.. Which was a utopian privledge of course in the 70s. .with last of my energy off plane..went on tuk tuk tooon local crounded train.. Sewer smells n crouded rubbishy frantic street. Familier homely! But i like it..its fun..seeing being with th reguler pple transiting. At hotel..where i left bike there pleased to see me.. to pay up obviously fer storeing bike.. Which doesnt start and has bits pinched from it and is coated in grime n dust from atmosphere I go to small hot room. And fer two days in dark drift in infected dark warm sweaty lump rusty barbed wire throat feeling infection.. In cheapish hotel. Finding th cairo antibiotic starting.. Still sleep in life review kinda memory identity storyboard..some inturnalised confrontational throat chakra pyrimid mummy action. Whats true ....whats false....psychological origins of evil Edges bend..judments collapse You see ya self As a kid Or soul..timeless Memorys rush back loss Agitation Fear Amger judgement criticism expectation.. All.. Block..this sublime freedom A glimpse of Some other creatire Th real you..the timeless soul..kid..being. Just visiting. Cathartic discharge of a ritual body. How graced to start again dispite that ever preasent shadow..great teacher. Indian streets a million moods.. Sometimes hostile filthy apathetic Then at a different hour..modest kind professional helpfull hungry...and every eye on ya.. But wouldnt get anywhere..without the enmeshed generosity help and openess. I dont know any hindi... Its amazeing im getting by at all! Dusk theres moments of play lightness civility..pple end work.. hang out A chai with a guy...a fella buys me a mango juice in th middle of day..when i finally emerge..bloody good. As if th universe was saying... Its a relationship..its not all about me spending...but just being here. A contradiction to feeling like a walking cash machine .ladyboys hussling fer coin. Firm commanding clap clap clap! I give em 5 roops. There was eye contact. A photo with a chip maker boiling chips in huge couldron veg oil. .a cell phone shop help..maybe the network will process my number when they get round to it. Directions tomorrow for bike journey. Spokes on bike had to have repair work someone or potholes..had broken 6 of them on one side..was feeling unballanced. All sorted.coulda been done on purpose just so i could be escourted to th repair too suspicious. Glad it was sorted out..about 20$.. saw him do it..kinda cool...watchin th repair. Maintainence not getting wiped out on th road. Street samosa pretty good... Little things..guy gives ya sloppy sause dribbles down ya leg..did he do that on purpose cos they dont like me? Whole shop stareing at white guy.. Is th laughing pointing at me like fun or..ahh ...mean. Shit i gotta eat too! esp when sick.. Didnt eat fer 35 hours..sweating n moaning in bed. Thats th down side being only white guy in town Everyone notices ya..pretend not to if there polite Stares if they dont give a fuk Often glowers darkly from hairy hunched youth on motobike. Different than egypt..more..hmm safe? Lots more well wishing friendlyness if ya engage. I love the atmosphere of openess on street. Everythings kinda on show.. The weilder th sewer the flour grinder The preyer shrine.. The macine tool shop Knife sharpener Everyones kinda lookin out..of there shop..or hanging arbitarily Or playing a game in a circle on a cell phone..giggling.. Or ...any number of chaotic weird innocent stuff.. In th dust Open sewers n honking horns With sequined bling n repose of jaw..lofty looks or Mumbled hellos... Just a average crappy modern developing town. Werkin folk..doing there think as village. 

..maybe that level of availability n function is not with us in nz dunedin.. th west. Were all so removed from being of service or needed in th competion of economy.. Frontage of web review..peer apraisals n psi ops of media ego  spin. Shit..people here just do. ..get on with it. In th shit. They probly dont notice anymore. THe galaxy phone shop next to ye olde male barbour wooden box guy. Or Fancey saree shop next to bakery. And assorted street fryed things guys. Dogs hangin in warm sun gravel from a half finished repair on a crumbly house... All left on chaotic street. Its a hell of a neihbourhood..! I was so glad to be back ive been realy cross n offended heaps of times already.which i kick myself for Im a reactive dick..but .. It is challangeing being ill. Still..."give me the money" Seems to be th catch phrase.. Which is before hospitality  implys im not gonna pay at th hotel.. Ya think somewheres decent..cos they wipe th floor.. And have suits But there as clutchy n preditry for the pretence of what passes fer a classy joint around here. Panval..outside mumbai. Feeling betterish..needs basicly met..and Off to elora caves on th bike..if i can get gmaps going. Im tetherd to needing internet big time..interms of logistics. ..a ancient carved tourist zone of antiquity in a canyon...on way to agra. Taj mahal....then varanasi. Thats the next few weeks. plan.









Its all sooo beuatifull...

Its all too beuatifull...!!
















Accepting shit as it is

Understanding what

Might be.

(Life work there.)

Quick note.

Methane permafrost melt 

With upper atmosphere hi energy beams

Arctic sea temp riseing heaps

Super volvano detonations as probable 

Elite fix

Manufactured global winter..

Versus run away climate change.

What artists have known fer thousands of years


(Crystslising to whole cultures even)

Or a more succinct over view

I like this guy cos he opted out n farmed a permaculture farm ..

And is a anarchist 

As a top academic scientist...the heirachy he has trained in..has not deterred his ability to truth tell.

Got a nose fer that..

But some will live a wee techno topia in a bunker.

Im having a past life regression

A weird psychogeographic cultural integreation with memory..of..

Somewhere else..bottom of the planet where i live...but most of my genetic european..also indiginous at some relitivly recent time..

Any self help group would agree

Admitting youve a the first step.

Since when was death a problem anyway

For a species...a planet..anyway..

A spiritual mythology..pantheon of astro theological countings creening necks at distant points..

Advanced math...some..knowledge inhearited from previous civilisations

And time...

What of time mumma?..what are all the babys for mumma?

Do we wake up in a shiney rainbow dimention..far far away with everyone we ever loved and nice angels who telepathicly offer comfort?

(Or for that matter mid class glitz hotel trashy pomp fer raj n baba)

Its a blessed n increadable journey. it is...the people

The land

The mind

So greatfull lucky and kind.

Thank you thank you thank you

Suger cane juice. 

Pani puri

Yeah so given the sobering 


Irreversable...imminent n 

Catastrophic collapse of our imaginary world.

Even with AI  n mars probes n mega rich vampires n all that.

Its it ever was

Personal accountability

Journey of the soul

All is gift

None of it mine

And just a privledge n honour to be witness.

Does our transindental witness zip back to alpha centurei? Th peleides?

Cosmic nurserys?

Or ever wrathfull phantoms of a doomed acifiyed way of upscaleing th karma cognition to next ascend as it werre

All too linear i expect.

Were either all loved infinite creatures of magnificence


Damned lowly sinners.

Who can tell these days.

I know my own flip flopping software malfunctions

Is incomplete upgrades.


Sort of implys take everything assumed away

Clear view whats left outside of me n my.

Nearly impossable..

That neo cortex thingy...jeesus who installed that!!

Pretty aware at this juncture

Of my dependancy..of insulation

My independant (personal excess cash affords) individually masks

Oil fed empire ego self.

Good job if ya can get it..fer planet bacteria..maybe a insect..

A fly structure.

Yeah behelzebub..thats me.

Divine temporary life blip.

Jetting (albeit melancholie) thru village structure developing werld....

Privledge cowboy..albeit..alot less so than some indian tourists ill add.

Yeah..get ova ya self..could be ignored at home..screeming away at th end of th house while ya mother gets her career saving th world.

Art that lovely psychic commody war zone of aesthetic choice..intellugence

And refined processed disapointmrnt


Self will n manifestation.

This illusion...

When everything falls away.


Raw death

Illuminating creative..transformational.

Behind everything












All them socialised lies we reinforce

Cos everyone else does.

Its normal.

I realy dont matter

Cept to me

A tiny amount of others.

Hideing away nz sensitives.

Makeing up the adult story..

In th post colonial bully hive of fuktards.

Pompous pc robotic automotrons

On auto suggestive clone farm 


Lifes a ecstatic strange delerious crystal clear dance

Wakeing dream phantasm of co created natural forces..

Pulled together from a material local self defineing space..


Its all we know

But theres probably heaps more to it we are missing

Cos of our narrow bandwidth

Culturial bias groupthink





No great answers here..

Gods great !

(insert meaning system of yer choice in that term)

Were all fucked!..planet fever 

Loops cascade

Its not even nessesarily our fault.


Fizzy cosmic froth

Reflecting something

Made of the mind


In which it froths.


So big profit vampire

Makeing spaceships

Farm you n me till th end

Around now.

The toys at christmas

Always fuk out pretty quick.

In reality

Im at a typical plastic table

On plastic chair

Going to elora caves.

Where perhaps pple used to virtie signal there political godliness fer there set of ruler elites


Perhaps there was a pious uplink in there over th 1000 years of sectarian wership


Some crazed poor monk saw thru th insane monkey bullshit.


Tryd not to be used 


Venerated..or ignored.

anything else there likely to do to ya.


My privledge...lookin at a countrys past relics...feeling like this is the 


Of it all

Terrance mckenna

Post history rant

Strange attracter pulling from future my fairy god mother.."twanky"

Suggested in her way

That ...rather than imminent heat death of planet n run away feedback loops already underway..

(Keep on shoppin yall)


What is life anyway..right?

I mean...WHAT IS LIFE 

Even if it ends as us.

A brief flurrish..on a rock.

Speaking of rocks..this one kailash cave

Named after th mountain..ca4v3d from the cliff..over 2000 years ago takeing 900 years i think.

Fukn impressive.

Kinda mystifyed me with th lingum cave.

I like my religeo anthro tourism to have metimifisical cock n pussy milk bath symbolism.

Na truly...i felt it.

Symbolism thats literal as it is universal.

Its real dark in there..inturnal space.

Smooth worn rock floor..pillers..


Got me thinking..the equivalents of "carving" today.

Information tech gene design..light even.

All that s i fi paranormal narritive of uploading ya self to a another dimention..

Of course

The recent ancesters knew this already was that. Without th gadgets....think that edge is why mans religeon is so fizzy about death god n soul..afterlife..

Maybe womans religeon would be bit more present embodyed..would cash machines be psychotheripists too?

Give longterm service arrangements fer protection n submission to alpha egos..

I was in a shit mood tday.

Slept in a stone monks cell..

Was gawkd at by indian famlys..

Selfie selfie!

This as sanctifyed as it just another famly outting n trimket sales point.

Im tuneing intent..worship..artistry..math..

And eery chambers awsome leeching rock dribbles..its echoing a minimal natural aesthetic ..of fundamentals..for me


I reckognise my own singuler search or feeling for reverence mystery 

the sacred.

Wanting that to be central..even in silence.

Perhaps it is already.

Imagine...having nothing..being a 12centry bhuddjist monk in a stone cell..ya whole life.

Or a rate payer in port chalmers.

Whole time im recogniseing im vibeing on "nature"..erosion time elemental edges of surfaces..the discordant with th articulated..contrasts..

In aotearoa..the sacred spaces for alot of us are raw..not synthesised. 

Like caves stelagnites

Mountain trains avalanch..river rock pools 

Swirl ..coastline cliff bush n forrest. 

Whats left after the realestate market anyway.

Thats why the retarded kid

The paraplegic

The mentally ill

The successful social achiever 

Are all as important as the well adapted normal ignorant.


Unformed information..has as much raw content as formed made.

In fact..

We usually just ego fuk the shit oitra anything we turn our hand too cocking it up entirely.

Lemmie be a hunter gather

Die young wen i can still root n forrage and it means something


Civilisation..was a mistske.

As a kid i was morosely upset at th lack of trees on th plains and hills in chch.

Couldnt understsnd how any of this town was progress at all.

I liked saphire n steel mind you..dr who..

Oh yeah..this iz my gunna wank on as much as i need seeing as im depressed travling alone in fat white middleage loner no famly everyone hates me privledge. social context..outside of a visa card..what can i not driveing drunk.

Still social context may be a bit ambitious in a robo hive of virtual meem cluster interface n isolation self centred conformist right wing strut 

Victim slave children.

If we were all passionate maori warriors and told th brittish n th globalist agenda to fuck off

Grew organic veges n wild meat

Gene resurrected birds..


Sang more aswell as read up to date periodicals concerning star telepathy.


Ride my whale.

Sleep in my car.

i do

Its a hi ace van.

Ahhh so tel us about love master

(Parodying a time when people spoke freely)

Love my child

As destructive as creation itself.

It starts with ya mother

It never realy ends.



Militiristic monotheism

Material acculation seperation

That..vain echo of hearing ya self hearing about ya self hearing

Organism..self determines

Best route.

Others part of it..but peripheral to inner.

Related however.

It would appear there is only you

But thats apearing to a false entity.

Infact theres no one there.

Whats there is water in a stream

A death in the trenchs 1918

A influenza death in the jungle after fritz visited.

Love..when im the breath n sun n 

Wind n collideing galaxys in fast forward


I need you to need me 

as needfull things need

Body requirements

Trust obeying giggles.

Knowing itll go to shit

Knowing it cant last

Makeing a effort anyway

Cos we love you

Theres nothing else to do..stick around one listening

report...hear ya self burble bullshit


Kindly suppose ya better than ya feel

Whats the measure?

Love cos 

Umm were mamels and thats the biochemicle soup we jive on..

Although it could be..a entity from between versions of ourselfs collectivly fractal peering in thru the tulpa cam angle

The one th one the one

Eternal flow

Energy body

Grains of sand

Echoing feedbacks echoing feedbacks

Intencifying in dencity

Woops theres the dna libary all over me skirt.

Sacrifice empathy forgivness

Honesty commitment willingness

Service..stupidity wizdom

Cooking cleaning..spending alot of money

Not doing what ya want to all th time

Admitting ya wrong

Admitting there wrong

Inability to make it right



..and failure

Success being 

 a candidate at all


About shareing being alive self acceptance

And accepting  

 judgemental  creeps



Early home life



Anger resent distrust 



Problem yer always a problem .



Acting addict sociopath




Normal fuckers.


That kid

Burnin down th house...tryd so earnestly 



 soaked in other ..made  being born.

abortion.. womans choise

Good..obey ..conform..submit..good


Play th game






Deceit lies 






Bigger picture in everything

Sketching.. very good student.


 the way 

took my own hand 

 in my heart  kinda from future or something

Weve made alotta decisions together me n this guy

He looks out fer me .

Hes majic.

 fuk with majic.

Ya cant 

A start u

biggot tax ring


 make it ya self.

Get a bit of faith


But generally love looks like a soul having a life time

As th conditions permit. 

As it is.

A wee weird majic is not realy real.

Be nice

Even if ya a bloody awfull 

(Fukin stupid ass hole of a website .two hours uploading shit painfully slow n it crashs..goddamn i said some good reportive scenery)

Hide quoted text ---------- Forwarded message --------- From: james robinson  Date: Sat, Apr 14, 2018, 7:01 PM Subject: To: hemiking8 <> Bat shit crazy india hot sun pot hole trail bike Broken carrier Shell be right fix fix Weld together Service too Which involved washing Rather than much mechanical Shes lookin good mate. Young dudes n boy cranking n pulling n greaseing...hope th carrier holds up.

In the heat i was wznting to avoid desperatly In th middle of crazy town. (There all crazy town whole damn country) 

Try n find coffee fer doodle diary ritual Four story dept store..air con.. Very mid class..with its own beurocracy too...what ever ya buy hasta get bagged send down stairs verifyed..checked By a team Guys in uniform hover at ever step ya make Ask advice..amd they own you.. Dont move sir.. No! Dont just finding out. There lovely But Getting help often means expending alot of energy on the helper..who will not understand. Ok im being ruthless But...its insane th layers n levels. The streets like mad max..chortling churning matrix of multitude..spagghetti flows...with grit. Belching smoke.. Kitch tradgic glam.. Little packets of chewing tobacco n pan.. Got a peeled cucumber from a guy... Vegetables...bit of dipping salt fer that

Real thick lassi..with spoon n wee almond on. A jalabi..a engorged syrip starch thing..bleeding suger n colesterol. Been in india for 14 weeks. Still everyday theres insane shit that surprises me.

Megga horrendous political dance off from back of truck..street party. Politicians trying to buy festival religeous fervour...with big bass crap assult..the kids loved it.

Disco beats of infant heartbeat machine Truck in celebration Wheeling down road..cops twirling fingers..directionally Relevant Socially! White foam spreys from dancing boys Hi preasure ejaculations.. Some toxic agent no dought steriliseing them. Drinking orange juice..gleefully The mangled wrecks of road warrior trucks.. The market junction.. Suger cane diesel push me pull you rattle.. Throb of royal enfield Sensations of Sweat...under jacket Wind of accelation..cooling and heat similtainiously The sensual Material

World One day..ya try 10 atms None werking Next day try th gives abundantly. Not even ya state bank!... Friendly dude selling chineese crap fer girls outside. Wee glitz mirrors n stuff. Trash.

This country runs on trash bling..and munted trucks...bellys in stained singlets.. Smuggled woman in auto rickshaws.. Sarees hideing them.. Expressionistic paintjobs in hotel rooms Ceiling fan mantra chakras Throaty throb of th motobike (Mine dont do that) Childs emo sheets proclaiming i love you so much.. Its all too much Theres no hideing. Good god Mother allmighty. This horendous hybrid human mutant circus..desperation n goodwill Skills n ignorance Chalm n vulgarity And thats just me! Fluttering flag Clink of suger cane grinder machine Boys rush up when im asking google where to go Welcome to my country!

And some coal powerd neclear facility over there..when that dont shut down..n th infrastructure grinds t halt..itll boil n burn fer decades poisining fer hundreds of miles and sending radiation inta th all these power plants are death sentences fer..well the world realy. Cos who trusts a govt who cant install sewage or water..but shell b right with neclear waste n emitions.

..privledged lil white boy from clean green land were fukd mate.

Junior mech..and road gang .its facinating to see cival infrastructure erectected by hand...binary bits of big development..human labour. And the shanti village tent slums they sleep in by th road.

Preyung monk guy..changes mantra to

money money money 

Wen he saw me comming.

Yet field werker old timer..handshakes so gently..theres some resonance..intent

Genuine touched..waves me on my way.

A heron crane flys by Truck belching soot. Small town crossroads AXIS bank delivers Please hide your secret code Th computer warbles in pidgeon english The man at the door has treasure fer all girls! 

Although many look to be rather meek property backs of lorrys or mini van famly full..sardines

hotel highway wedding venue mega plex

Falling apart childlike privatised fantasy

Names like

Ocean view (mid india mind you)

Dream laxmi sooper fun holiday


Regency maharaj executive 

All some rinky dink decaying theme park dysfunction..sim city game...

Its like merchant economic marketing religeon has sectarian spread its capital viral empty dead apendages

God gone (or made a party politiccal tribal emblem of statis n authority in th human matrix)

Hungry corpse of illusion wails thrusts on tarmac of global colony.

The outter precincts are called colonys

I can only imagine th mafia don who organised that. movie


Culd sum up the existential crisis of this modern trash empire..

Egg burger hut dudes seem cool with it all.

Low income vendors..not there problem how the mighty shit over everything.

Theres tea on th hiway tho

And shiva on th menu who toots

(The menu is also frontage..they wont serve much..gruel n fryd bread and proud)

Woke up this morning..whats the essential nature of man?

Went t sleep listning t ayn rand audio book.

The fountainhead.

Yeah wow the public..

Make the work

keep the diy self realisation

Meem alive.

like wow dude

you culd have a real n interesting life too

As jail inmate nzild corp

Dont expect much fraturnal communication..real unreal battles..feverd self innitiation pilgrimages.

neural edumicational reference building architechture language reality 

Obedience chip set 

Well is there any other? 

Whats arts werk?

Why are we here this side of maybe?

How many chances ya got?

Youll get dirty be very lonly

afraid and then

Itll change...

And change


be the change..self defineing the software.

Fractal unknowable god self in fragile self aware feedback loops..holograms built by the core directive..

The weak cowardly n conformist..will deny n try hold ya back....rationalist square paddock profit motive..white bread.

Damn...posthuman  skitzo diatribe

mollest me imagination

Self soul planet..

Ape fertiliser!

Christ neo..

Thems who ..disavowed the soul 

self..becone th imprint forced inta them

A suicide of moral integrity...

To class money..and ownership.

Externals...telling you who to be.

Propper normal goid.




a well desighnd self.

Totally safe.

Lifes what happens when we are buisy makeing plans

And god laughs..

Or something like that.


Ahh down a litre of water

Some mango juice

Road bus appocalips..drink alot of water.

Very good.

The guy at the restraunt had a shrine fer a handsome young guy..garlands hang

Maybe some priest

Some guru brother shot himself in head.

Black look in his eyes.

Ahh sorry man..thanks fer shareing

Mine too..hung himself 

i makes neck gestures.

We still alive eh! I say.

So as long as only some works from a specific sanctiond period...under the dead wrappings of a emotionly illiterate used car sales man..from some booshwaa richy rich colony 

Yes only some works..he realy was a bit much

We cant tollerate one

Who trys..

makes us so ...uncomfortable.

Whats yer essential nature?


Consciousness light dark..



Illusion ..


cos its gonna end..real soon

This is it..

None of it is ours..its all phenomina

Art acts that language out..inturnally..

Expands contracts..tests boundrys

Gets it wrong..

may if its lucky..get t be itself.

But we know what happens to children that are them selfs dont we.

I made it to a beaten up hotel motel.

Establishd eventually i needed a room.

Got one. I offerd tarif as they didnt understand.

Equally..huge kitchin goin on..

Couldnt order..thru sign language they didnt understand i wanted dinner.


But over n over in a mobbed way..where you from what country where u going..single?

Family? a genetic endtimes story. 

Pretty sun set.

This guy in th dribbling shower bucket bath.

Crazy bus road..some festival.

Chai boys burns.

OH LOOK DICK FRIZZELS SELLING SINGLETS IN INDIA.or boys..maybe its a clone toy sex doll?..made out of nz wine n native hardwood?

Im sure the babyboomers apprietiate the waterd down frontage of a advert exec n his consumate taste.

Its so to be a artist isnt it.

Love our property portfolios and  winerys by the beach..

Round them all up..plastic bags over there heads

Gaffertape..make them werk in a prison youth rates

 till they pay off every cent of every student loan n inflated mortgage in th land.

Sell there body parts to the chineese..

Experiment on there corpses fer the longevity drug ..

Ban there litriture n art 

Kill therr progeny

Freeze assets

Haha were such a idealistic christian colony..everythings fine in skitzaphrenic alchoholic pedaphile lie land.


Keep picking the scab..youll never heal.


Well probly let a supercomputer werk that out fer us..install the bio port..hook up the nano particulats

Obey ...we shouldnt havta think..feel.

We just need money .. .

Oh some say love .connection


What we are to others

What we are to ourselfs..

Can you be with ya self?




What are ya then..

Forget about all that other shit

The people in ya head..

Echos of others

 echos of others

Hooking on identity deferral ..

Fish in water dont know water

Strip it down.

Whats left.

Its a scary crazy exciting time t be alive

All these ideologys 


Being unconsciously made for us by unseen hands..manipulated.

Toward goals ..

Society class ownership



Totalitarian one world government

Death management.

Blink blink

Were not on a train to the gas chamber are we?

As long as you serve a use to the regeime

And never mention the regeme.

Play along..

We care for you.

People are good..

Hell life is sacred..

(Only the bits we controll mind)

Narrow the slits down to hand held devices

A beurocratic intelligence test of servility

Every time i ask a hotel or whatever if theres mosquitos they say no

I get big fukn welts from mosquitos.


There liers. 


Om shanti.

Hotel from hell. Drunk guy wanders inta m room at midnight telling me chipattis are ready. Walls exude days its over 40 lieing still sweating on lumpy matress N If th door in window open to get th moderate temp lower outside ya get bitten by bugs. I almost thumpd th drunk guy.. But settled fer yelling and brandishing a fist. Just walks in while im trying t asleap half naked..with cell phone to take images it lookd like. Couldnt get food last night..although they wrre cooking. There real friendly...but..dumb? Language problem. Gee havta try n not be a reactive prat this morn8ng. Im not very gracefull when im a fetish object to every mustached alpha in a turbin.. So very little sleep.. Whinge complete 


Creating language

as gene host

Cosmic agent of fractal cosmos

Victor of eternal battles..

un needed to win



Primacy adaptive 

Experiential being

Nothing something

Magnetic electro



Exist to contribute gifts

As we find each other

Is the self

Well the shanty shack guy with rice n pakora n unemployed guys hangin round. Acturally stepped up n gave me food!

Restaurants on th other hand..repeatedly time after time..i place a order..and nothing happens. Even when i make it 3xplicitly clear.  

So i eat on th street..cos apparently fourteen guys need to pass the buck fer ever to cook a guy pancake n generic curry mush...

Even swankyish hotels ignore me..i dont get it..i loose the plot..raise m voice..get angry..storm hard to get served.

Street guy vendor..kinda gets the fact humans need food..he relys on it.

Yay little guy..

Like werking kiwi enacted inturnal gesticulated process..

We deliver the goods eh.

Real estate 

Bbc werld telling me how it is fer me


Me cell

Rest coupla days...

Slow down


Tulsi drops

Mail a diary home to ya friend

Jesus ya show off ya got one!

Dont drink th scum water even if ya boil it

Get a stainless steel kettle.

Big event 

Have a poo.


 being smaller Observant Reverent inside..self care Makes it all less work .more..wonderfull. Its getting that mix eh.assertion n hustle

N flow n acceptance.. Pple have totally been stareing at me

Its not bothering me as much Funny feeling fer a often paRanoid guy.. But its acturally real ya kind know where y at. Pple think n act all different ways. Some kindly Sone jaw drops Some stare zombie rude Some hand goes out automaticly Some ignore ya..just another person Some look ashamed Some smile n laugh Some look like ya confronting them personally with ya existence Some smirk like What you doin here ? Others look agrieved n incredulous like i violated them. Strange ol gig...ghetto tourism. Officially it aint a ghetto But...looks like one t me... But people are pple.. Same same...

the ten thousand things

We notice on THE WAY

Increadably decent chap in man mani hotel...super cheep.

Telling me of th sights..

Ok i had t clean th last guys cig buts on th floor n poos of th loo bowl..

But th fan werks good

I got hbo lobotomy if i want..


Road was easy tday too..

Musta been that extra qi gong i did yestaday

or the holy tulsi basil.

Travel is strange now

I could be any where it all seems like the same place..

A congealing matrix of feudal poverty

Increadably uglee civic infrastructure looking mostly maori job ish

(I say that with a human pride)

..demolition aesthetic


Petro robot

Digital edumicational cluster of compounds..dark grimy tea shacks

Cows faceing down busses..on moterway

A marrage cult like primary school architype implant

Trucks laiden with village field werkers

Eye contact from behind his helmit..grin

Psychic mirror

Foreighner hooning in black on black bike

That smileing teen 

May never get to do this..probly not.

Yet above me theres suv of wealthy raj dudes who obviously own the rd.

Were all playing out our parts in th world show

Outter world of appearances anyway.

Is that attitude born of my mental privledge aswell?

I wonder at these school complexs..boasting pictures of of serious pravatninananda who got 92 % in his maths exam..boosting the schools reputability n commercial viability.

Spoze they want more for there kids ..

Than ghetto trash town. 

Maybe they dont see it?



I dunno..

Pick up trash at th beach..

Try not to voice negativity as much

or if ya do

dont identify it as ya self 

Its just toxic mood self justifications leeching

Its all energy

Ya trap ya self


Something profound..ummmm

Oh yeah

Forgive ya self

Not as a pass to a bad person

But as a unfolding of the inevidable totality of the good ya cant doom cos its the thing seeing as ya.

In ya heart..

And sun



The introspective information we have today about th nature of reality

Of self

Should not be narrowly controlled to a irrigation ditch fer big agri geneticly modifyed seed monoculture.

Hmm the play of the child

As nature..intelligence

Imagination dream

Makeing in the physical.

Weve secret knowledge at our metaphysical taste no other age

Its awe inspireing

What we can focus on

Like a god

Of divination





This stuff is mans language form of incremental understsnding to the whole.


It seems theres forces of destruction

And creation at play..or war

In our souls..culture civilisation

Unconscious material from ancient times

Cycling on n on

Not gonna get all sidhartha onnit


At source..

at source..

We must come from. Energy


Non being.

Its practicle as it is theological

Pollution self harm

Greed poverty sickness suffering


Privite public








We have vantage points the elite ancients couldnt have drempt of..

How does a actualised free 

Kind compassionate successfull healthy 

Process take hold.

Immune responce

Shock evolutionry choice

Underpinning of socialised structure of me

Retaining identity unique..

Genome time wave









Few to many tangents  unresolved clearly


We serve a sence of something nessesary with our lives

Call that searching if ya want

Or hope

Or fear of missing out..

Not to know th implications

Of this time

Or life

Not to aprehend the living information 

as it is



Is to not be open

Gotta be open to th muse

Ya dont tell  it

Ya listen ya notice

Or ya kill it

Scare the majic away

Ya ray beam of narrow measurement n linear assumptions

As to who you are.

Shells made by other pples storys in ya.




Yes even the depression

Rage grief hate n 

Lost innocence..

Maybe not lost

If wonder

And majesty

N terror even...

Exist in us.

Not post human

Concrete fly overs

Economic religeo brainwash

Priest of spin 

But that too is the world story

whats most true remains

What isnt true dies.

Is death th end?

Hitching a ride on anothers vaulnerability in a moleculer soup ..

Smaller dimentions squashing labratorys into patents.

I dont know

I like listening to credable ideas..

I think media is a miopia device of distortion..

Creating the reality we believe in and in turn make.

I make reactive feedback loops of not looseing myself

Suddenly theres a steller nursery


Veils shift in the apocalips..


Thats enough

Humans Were drawn to these objects of fantasy.. That Display aspects of imaginary . .possability Of our power to create manifest asx nature does As proof were as good as naturr god! I dunno about that.. But seems to be th theme.. Mass Escapeism...with th richest offering th grandist bullshit to justify there spot. Is it inverse to attainments inner in a collective sence..? One reflects tother. Is th grandiosity..realy a secreation between worlds of a higher dimention form guideing us ? Is that th battle field of our souls Culturally..collectivly. Indians seem pretty sure of them selfs there routines beliefs ritualised customs.. Secure might be a word..nestled in religeon..famly..state.... The western outsider type.. We Cultivate dis belief.. . Leaveing effemera...lots of whirling inputs... Phantoms.. Its alot like a collapseing sence of self A dieing...empire... Or something.

Family disolution

deconstruct self..

maluable vaulnerable


Dependant...isolated Or re a new skin thinks itself growing on th feverd planet.. If that Lasts more than a tech neural aluminium layer on a choclate is another story...