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CANADA (bay of fundy..parrsborro)

And sophia said... Mommy...FEEL IT Dabbling her feet in the cold water of minas basin... FEEL IT MOMMY! she exclaimed. Mommy was not having it... But the girl up to her knees in cold calm sea pink dress...cute wringlets and adoreable rounded face... I took my shirt of..and lead the way. The kid needed a adult to acturally swim to model it. I said...this is how its done.. And fell forward on my belly n face splashing. She in turn...also submerged. Mommy was just fine..being let of the hook. It was a hot been bicycling and was dripping sweat. Later sophia asked who was telling th my life lessons. A good question i thought. Adult bro talk ensued re mental health art medications drugs n mythic spiritual figures of indian folk lore..the environment n hitc hikeing to vancouver... To the pacific. Yeah...ahh... That mentell health medication convo comes up alot in my few days here. All contextualising ya thing..who that story telling me is Hmmm

Amazeing hospitality sence of family n to communicate..

Mark and julia..

And parkinsons

And art museum security gaurd

And shamanic art


And curriculum disabled writer



Red clay farms and green grass and art festival planning and walks about the humid swesty forrest..envisioning portals in imaginary projections with yoof..artists

(Someone will do the work surely after coffee)

Easy hitch down to parrsborro..

Gemhound fossicer...


Cool spacious apartment next to spooky huge art with amazeing work all thru it.


Bike rides



Pickup truck

Pickup truck

Pick up truck

Masonic building


All me relations Thank you.



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