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Residency BLOG

in this residency

Like any post modern asshat academic student

We wank about being self centred twats agoniseing on our childish obsessions.




Our egoic statis in th hive

Georgus blogposts in disposable hybrid de evolutionry gymnastic decaying social moral relavancy


feats of countercult surveilance state irony liguistic terrorisms by consent

Its fantastic...

Beutifull massive harbour tidal swells..

More water flowing in to bay of fundy than all rivers in werld combined..while its happening ...they say.

Nonesuch kickshaws main and station

Parrsborro nova scotia.

Lotsa huge ol buildings

Rambling beat bookshop

Strewn with art sculture painting print

Big gallery upstairs

Foodie host

Cabins on cliffs

Friendly (older demographic)


I thrown up a wee studio installation of drawing minitures i done on way.

Had a open studio (nonone visited)

This place reminds me of

Invercargill ..whanganui...port chalmers

All in one.

Ive a church bell tower studio too

And a actural church inside to show in

(Who ever will see it god knows)

Im processing such alot of feelings thinking

Awarenesses ignorances





Despair futility


Am i for example light in being ..transindental visiter in flesh suit

or dark?..frustrayed nihilism critic judgement n assumption

Who are we


Or bravely self aware co creaying with life

My pre occupations return most often to feeling inculcated in a chemicle prison of psychic conformity 



School....orwellian ...

But even this is a kinda privledged luxury

Wonder abounds in th non assumptive

Th infinite unknowable th subtle n eternal

Th logos is present in every turn of th spiral of time

Even distopian controll empires!

But in this

Its only ever about me

Th risk of free thought experiential elf identification

Or indeed...trying to shed that..mask of false self


Like the earnest monk

So contrived in being a monk...spiritual pride..of th ancient drop out caste of seekers after truth

Renounces n becomes one again with 5h human drama

Fucks fights screws gets drunk

Maybe with twinkle in eye.

No ones saying im there..

I wanna be good!

Get possessed by "bad"

The arts a shadow may of th divine drama

Of some relic of art self awareness n yer psych meds did it fer you.! huminify th human n what you got?

A chip ready bio chemicle ai accessory.

Borg! i am.

Palm council wanking on th interface all about it!

Reading some books on past intellectals in recrnt history th dim times before innernet you understsnd.

They discussed things..interms of other masters

Francis of assisi..



The dark light wobble of what to make

How to make

The past technique retinue of assumed possables.

Th need of a cohearant psychic body being manifest

And if i do..will it only condemn me like they tend too

When shared as work in th gallerys.

I still think a earnest effort like lived philosophy..and weather

And the way we experience our "self" is nessesary

Its holy ground

Not socialised conformist subroutines of controll n being controlled..


Ineffiable attempts of freedom

Re search

Re creation

Th loons are th ligitimate froth of automated social body..we were spozed to be liberated !

Not castrated in debt pyrimid scheme!

To know soul

Even to keep that...layerd transpersonal concept of self alive

Th map....

Th econo sci religeon of faciest mind correct...

Dont want ya to have beating that in ya own time

As homeless

As addict

As medicated housewife.

Na..arts political





Pre cognitive

Reality creation on micro n macro level

What artists do reachs inta th soft dream of collectivity dormant slumber n ...summons spirit to manifest

Re member 

Alter past future memory to activate potentials in th chaos field

All potentials


Valuable beyond measure.

As is 

A child born

A death earnd.

As is breath

Its all total illusion...and dust t dust.

Language time and integrity.

Just werkin out what t make n how.

I believe in it

Th reality is also as futile n destructive 

Dangerous n empty..

Th rageing beast of unconscious cognitive dissonance is there

Th conflict in heacen

In ne

Th gene disorder of our species

Who ate me

Who made me

What am i

Can we realy make ourselfs or but re act.

"You think too much" is leveld at me

But i probly dont think enough

Or sharp enough.

But..think feel

Need a sphere of expanding contracting reference

On a most unlevel playing field.

Begin again daddy

I made that. 

Does Satan wear jandals I wonder?

. Show quoted text

Absatotally.! He invented em Discarded copious amounts like confetti in india recent decades gone And has set up considderable strongholds of jandal production in china As well as The material mamalian mytho spheric dna fuse weld chromosome Jupiter moon. Yep Make no mistake Satan is Jandle wearing Himalayan mountain pass Sperm warrior Pyrimid scheeme trash cyclone Tourism preditor Extreemophile! Gape cam Armiment adaptive Neurological optic transferrance Peptide ass cream. Cann i get a good

God damn!

Mediochre product producer Or and Public skitzaphrenic Fool heyoka Hmmmm Stop MAKEING SENCE Nothins as it should be Or as it seems Accept it as it was Controll the potential non duel narritive assumption delusion Hypothetical desire cloud Biochemicle meat puppet Conscious radio antenna Codmic god mind Abortion clinic Part time lapdancer. Woof 

(A chum dispences artistic block -sage advice i asked her for..said advice as follows. will only werk for me

No one else) Welcome to the world of Le Cafe Art Bottom where many a creative sifts about scratching’s a crowded scene amongst the procrastinatory! ....and a place you never earned your stripes......what with being a complete workaholic and go getter from the outset, a rare breed to be sure…… Sage advice follows: Sneak out of an evening trimming horse tails...... Fashion self an eeeeeeeeenormous horse paintbrush...... Leave said brush in mysterious locales round town over subsequent six weeks..... On forth to last day wander through town in a teal satin ball dress paying willing passers by $5 each to wander behind you pied piper styles for eight hours..... Mind control yer minions to stretch the canvas between two trees in the town square..... Be seen in town napping on couches in furniture stores.....lobbies etc..... Wander into supermarket with bowl and spoon eat muesli n yoghurt n browse the aisles...... Last day, pack everything, make sure hair is MASSIVE.....wander naked into paint shop, buy large tin of paint in exact shade as ballgown.... Run charging past previously stretched canvas screaming RRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGHHHHHH like a Berserker entering battle, swing horsehair brush above head like a whip and at speed..... Leave one M.Gimblet styles mark.... Without pause grab pack a run to edge of town.... Hitch hike into the distance leaving naught but a handscrawled note saying.....’I Was ‘Ere $13,750’ Fly to New York. It’s the only sensible path.



ill keep 

"Yer a real go getter "  as a keeper comment. Sigh.... That crouded cafe.. Of lonly echos Of needy attention ..n shatterd dreams n Looming shadows Th cafe of bitter remorse coffee n fettid cake of disapointment Bagal of self recrimination Arrrr were thy cafe a nat geo wall collage strewn psychedelic wholefood stoner gathering with teepee N Lefty intellectuals Feverishly lecturing on moral undertones of strip malls n school system curriculum

N ardent evangalical spiritualists .. Prosthletiseing a retro wholism.around arc angel micheals glittering ministry on th astral plane I lie naked in th mud Swim against th tide! My undies ashore Sea mist.. And thunder in distance .. True story!!! Yep Swum in tide cummin in..nekid away from folks Was strong!! Be carefull. 

Then some peanut butter mudslide icecream in a cone

I call this work.

This is a rather hideous rendering of a local indiginous pples (the micmak)

Creater giant divine guy hero (like maui)

From 1972! In fiberglass

And very suspect cobbler fashion.

Unsure if he is a insult or honour to the old people. 

None th less 18 feet high

Red as a raped ass

And bit like freddy cooger.

He might be doing qi gong!

I should do mine.

Its funny how the things that mean the most..

Are lost in th telling..when we focus on something seriously it kinda gets killed.

How many shows or pieces ive made end up looking like outsider trash?

When my intent was high

Process long n genuine arduous n revelatory..

And its this hokey kitch remnant of bygone human art nostalga surperfluous to any currant contemporary inmate of culture.

Oh cheer up man

Yer not digging potstoes fer your lord and master in th bogs now are ya..

Are ya?

Cant sleep again . Realy bad here. In this house. I mean ...its all peachy just.. Cant make anything either. Probably cos its not my place. Logistics nightmare. And just such a rabbit hole of neurosis makeing work at all! I just dont have th energy. Its so much work for nothing Far away. I want t give up. I know theres work in me.. I see it. Just sick t fuk of th screwy art werld Myself Over compensating Under performing missing th mark Not knowing what im.doing Mature objective target abstract metaphysical scapes Being this fuking fringe outsider guy when thats not who i am. Oh then being arrogant or self centred cos ive ambition.or a sence of me own Potential. I miss home. I just cant be fukd investing myself into another disaster And paying for it . Just being rational. Dont know if i got it.. Cant sleep 


Dino saur rock atlantic

Cant sleep


Thinking talking too much

Feeling th past

Scanning th ego project


Blessed receivers

Rat burrow


Thinking too much


Sore throat

Not used to so many social stuff n personalitys


The pacific university




Hello sir. (So sorry i forgot your name!) Ive been meaning to write. I met you briefly th day before th show in te manawa gallery palmerston north new zealand december 2017. Th big climate change / abstract expressionist..exhibition. (For short walk thru video have a look at the link on my website homepage HOW IS YOUR WRITEING? AND BOOK TOUR. So ive been travelling THE WORLD. India ..6 months. On royal enfield bike. Himalayers. Egypt. Iceland Now in a rural beatnick private art residency in nova scotia. Am sleeping in and studioing in A old church. Huge Organ ..stain works. Ive a bell tower room. Also the bay of fundy canada Has the largest tides in the world. So If i can get my shit together to make Mythicly..intuitivly Poeticly Im thinking of a show. Around themes of ocean Capitalism extinction displacement migration Faith Environment Identity Fragmentation Heroism Failure defeat Sickness Spirit Healing Grief Loss And gain God GODD..! SELF ROBOTIC FACIEST WAR iN TH DEVIL Flesh Being Time Gravity Light Water Watwr Water Light Idea Play!!!!!!!!! Graphix in dada mind map surrealism and organic stain fabric banners loose flowing. The hosts run a paper buisness. Fine art paper. Look..i am not sure why im writeing I think its a portent To have met you at th outset of this Fools carbon rich white man walk about. God bless you sir! Mr james francis robinson. (Ahem..james was given from my mum digging this beatnic prophet international counter culture poet in nz JAMES K BAXTER Francis..from assisi And robinson A dutch label..but ive acturally researched what Robin son means. I was ancestrily a product of a orgiastic singles fuck fest in th woods between villages. Ritually. As in a robin Was a mix up meeting..moon..breeding plan..gene pool selection Europe. A son was a child from that intercourse communial process. FACINATING!!!

-so so so so so


Not this guy in particuler

But is granpa a jewdeo bearded skitxoid war god incesting n slavin with impunity thru th known universe?


What if ya a native kid on drugs

With alcholic extended family n bad obese diet?


Family structure

Cultural sentence structure syntax



Cognition of shapes dimentions meaning 


Th thin thread



That jesus meem of transindental human




A goddess.


Who made granpa?

And who made sophia?




Ripe fruit energy fall

Species wide


Mytho centric narcistic

Pan dimentional uplink

Shhhh go clean ya room boy


Way of the infinit explorer

From his 

Audio cleaver 



Inviteing the PRIME xmas card of all times in a actural intimate gesture of what can only be fairly termed intentional Feline ejaculate!

After your aged burmeese cat pisses on your face ...again! You ol pussy man you. Yes emminent usa prof types interest me You Failed FAILED to include a credible link fer my paroosal. I have very limited not realy able to media apols. I did colkect string rope from a remote beach today with chinese american art acadrmic today had a booshy lunch which was excelkent. Im watching obese people selling cake to obese people at a chain coffee shop being awfully chatty n so nice. Mmmm im sickagain. With a flu Stress Lack of sleep very low energy Head spin tryi g to sort out what to make how.. Underlieing Its not acturally ok to make here in a serious way. Its a bohemian fantasy about being part of th the brick a brac fantasy art dumpster collection. Residrncy woman yelled at me portentiously as i was about to start..after a long qi session. My minds been scrabbling at expectations..techniques time frame. Great buildings. Full of crap. And there tendrals everywhere. Which resilt in me moveing a pile of acturally eat at th kitchen propper. crap was important th middle of th kitchen eh. Sigh. I keep moveing allover to multipke beds..its hot its cold This matress sucks this is lumpy. The intent to invest...was there. I was just gunna start. And she yells..screems. Shes a stress case..multitasker..who has a ability to freekme out and although theres friendlyness too. Its ambiguous boundrys.. money space Duration of residrncy. I mean its great fer a visit. But too much like a private dopefreeks sprawling kingdom in th wops. With the lack of boundrys. Psychicly. I oppologised profusely..and argued that there stuff was e erywhere..if i was to ask to move anything then..i would be asking about e ery fuking step! So its not a professional residency. Its a clusterfukd cafe. A beatnick gallery. Alot of shitty leaking buildings they got for nothing. A church. A cluster of artists comeing n going to have dinners. A girls conflab. Shit. I over invested in a headcase fantasy. Mine..aswell as theres. area is nice. Th tides are real. Least i had god tell me before i started..its not ok. I been worryd obsessivly fer a week about it. Maybe something else comes up. Im fukd not sleeping Sick again. ..eating good. Lots garlic. Still infected tho. Fuk n fuk n fuk. More 1000s lost. Whaf ever. Keep th faith. FUCKING ASS CUNT ART WORLD EH 

------------------  Coffee shop psychic wifi on! A writer woman waiting fer a massage sits down purple t shirt. Turns out shes adopted a bhutineese bhuddist kid. We talk around metaphysics environment art writeing researchers ect Then i go next door and equally engage with th cathlock opshop church woman in theological rambles..which there quite fluent in! Never in nz would this happen. I heard about satan even! Excellent stuff. Hes especially active in summer im told from th wize old duck. Ahhhh antiginaosh...weird lil place.

Bigot pop (literally yall)

Just balld my eyes out with my ride Talkin about my mother. Conflict with hosts Triggers. I got this amethist hematite combo crystal from local woo shop as momento. Proported healing grounding propertys. Art prof erin en route to sculpture prof bf then toronto ..talkin bout her mum..her kids... Im talkin bout my Me as a kid.. I totally connected with the love i had fer my mum as a boy.

The total awsomeness of woman as protector provider in there prime with family

Glue of the universe Th strength n nobility of my utter belief in her awsomeness Protection Ect And of course all th wounds in there that wernt addressed...and how rough it was being a kid semi abandond With skitz dad violence in me..mums promiscous sex sexial abuse Out financial stress I wasnt protected But i adored my mother. I totally sobbed in this car...big theropy wracking snot blubs. Cos i missed my mum And love. Famly...all th stuff i dont get with being angry n hurt. So th crystal .. Th sleep deprivation th huge tides of th area Th disfunctional art hosts.. My Bizzare psychic topography.. And good kind mature company.. Totally amazeing woman. Detatched but present. Ran a being present drawong workshop . Yeah. I feel ok. Im good. Im a good good good man person. And that kid who acts out.. At unfair flakey boundrys... See.. He is safe with me. He realy is. Ok Psycho report Done. Campingvtonight. 

Canadas endless highways of chain store replicant no choice consumer heaven.


Vast bigness comfortable the same the same same n same.


Monolithic borg collectives...


Little bit scared..but 

The homeless screems follow up to my 19th floor 

Terrortorial yelps mostly from hominids

I rest of us just more nuanced n coded in our complicit cowardardice usually before reverting..

But whatta i know

I do believe in our extra angel capacity

Before satan lord dark pope lucifer put salt in th water n all.

Mumble knowledge snakes


Speaking of snakes

Get hypnotised!

Cult chat

been heart tuggd by torontos homeless Got old dude a coffee n cookie A young pregnant girl some company n change.. Yeah..humbling. Heres me Jet setting Shopping at home trying t Buying vans

Showing art in parliment! Via mz speedy

Bless her.

Mental health youth suicide thing.


Theres a gathering storm..


From student dorm robo hive

Where we dont look up from th phone!

Me wife be eater as doodle backdrop photo shoot.


I’m sure you could human traffick the homeless person and the meth addict and have them taxidermied for The Turner Prize. Art NZild would have you casually leaning against a wall with an earthenware coffee mug on the summer edition cover 2019.... It’d be fabulous darling... The Prime Sinister could open the show, let wee Neve, daughter of THE NATION nibble on their toes like a non vegan husk. 

Sacred and the profane.(from anals of the dead necrophilliac TWANKY the potentially best secretary a man never had) The carnival has become quite grotesque has it not? The compulsion to glance over a shoulder as one walks away from the universal debasement is nil. Somewhere between a bedazzled vagazzle and the bhurqa the pendulum rests with dignity. The guttural cultural slatternfest does many a dullard make. Or somesuch. Modesty is The! New! Shock’n’Awe! I think Rohan Weallans pushed me over the edge. *sigh* Slaughter the beast on a shrine at Ivan Anthony Gallery. Canapés will be served. How gross we have become....and I’ve had a go too. Ugh