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Rain poem

ART IS IN OUR BODYS As some self aware meta feedback system Mapping..psychological Cultural ...manifestations Individual becomes holographic To the whole body politic

Picassos libidinal mythic minotaur

Celluler Corpusculer Of animal..instict and over view 

awareness Of Awareness The signal The receiver The sender Diagnostics at increasingly bewildering scales.. Teams of analysts.. All sub tribe peer assessed linguists inturnally  Narrate news narritive consensus scripts Bowel collider Attack and defence systems.. Hi alert primal primate Reptile brain trigger trauma solution Elite false flag sheep hearding tactictal bite And Nature soothing habitat formlessness of peripheral climates... Sun star electric plasma gasps Wireless energy

Telepathic organisation of the mass Awakening.. In communion..symphony Empathy.. Spilling art Like babys In the continuum Lifestream Embedded bundled unknowanle flows Matter Energy Mind And soul

Beuaty as beholden to the beloved 

Scattering in the vacuume

Fizzing possable multiplicitys

Similtainiously unactionable architectures absolutely

Could be


 lightning strikes moment 


A golden horn sounds joyous


Grace dont need permission or conformity 

"Id rather light a candle than curse my own darkness" 



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