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THE REAL DOES NOT DIE-THE UNREAL NEVER LIVED Mixed media on canvas 2019 By James Robinson P.O.A "This work is the first major work I have completed since being home from a long, exciting, and dangerous trip through India by motorbike; through the length of the country, to high roads of Himalayan passes: also Egypt, Iceland and Canada (where I won an art residency). The process of this work is both methodological and chance. The surface served as a roof outside my studio while I was away for 13 months. It was reapplied and worked into aggressively after multiple sessions, over a 5 year period in total. Radical indecision, argument, doubt and neurosis underline the fragmentation and reassertion integration methods. Allowing a lyrical play of experimental marks, more than conceptual ideologues of art semantic about art. The real has to be lived to be transmitted. Artwork can be initiative entries and maps of meaning, making, an intra-personal social psychic language: older than words. My investigation knows a liminal world, where method and meaning transform in the mind of the viewer. Rendering unconscious and unseen in play, movement and form, and formlessness. The title is a key quote taken from Nisargadatta from his seminal Indian philosophical book I AM THAT .” JAMES ROBINSON artist is a multi award winning, national, mid career painter based Port Chalmers, Dunedin. Recipient of the McCahon Residency 2007, Wallace Award Winner 2007, New York ISCP Residency. Robinson regularly shows in public art galleries and leading dealer galleries. James is available for studio visits by appointment, to contact:  



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