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Synchro mysticism

They put some thing in the sun

Might be the lions mane

Neural re generator fungus

Or obsessive order chaos wee dance routine of my neurosis of domestic male tribe o one home maker...

And...regressing depths of loose end art surfaces resolving the unresolvable ...facets of crystaline psychie growth 

Apparently a shadow from a hyperdimentional self ..

Ive said it once

Ill say it again

All possables all the time..even nothing

Infinitys cyclic orgasmic seperation hoax

Last night i drove my van and wallet and smart phone into a swolen river


In a mass organised new york rally i seemed to demonstrate flyi g with the belly qi..from standing form to a disinterested group of students who were only interested in group autogenics of heirachy.

Oh well..i flew slowly..around the room.

But...doors open. The vine of world tree.

Axus mundi..

Permeates a living soul of this bright day.

theres cracks in everything leonard!

Heleluya!...were all connected by life. Phew thanks silly con vally o def shadow

Illogical captains in merchant navy halls..

Perfect pussy

"Nothings werth shit till its difficult 

Nothing heals till it hurts!" (Kate tempest)

The pete...tosh mon..jeebus wuz a builder

Lyrical fancy..door window. It has been done!

Mr needy transgiggured to bitchin kunst mafa! The backside down trousers 

Fractal fibonachi dude..i cant even do math..even gods toe nails are divine hullograms sprouting diverse meta verse..

The western toilet habits you see..ya just cant win...

Biggie my smalls...pre cognitive itch from greennlake fiordland

A pong vector alighnment

Carl sagan..the spherical consciousness.

Silly sun gods! (For the father and son..nathan n solly).

All That capitalism Masonic gang patch to the dictionary of thought form.

Thank christ!

Fer the clacking of bamboo sound

Merkabaaa astral blue print war fear and love o wysdumb



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