Accelerated distance

A..buisy remembering

If i could just focus faster than light wand

Some scrambled mind informational receiver static issue

Non the less



Is a responce-

A -ability

Vortex interupted perpetually by ego account management

That entity analiseing him ..

A false economy in a structured farm

What happend to you?

Underworld recycling depot

Hi vis authority

Robot man mask..



Task language beyond word

And in that a ribbon of invented collapses


Chaos botherer

You lean more than art..

Cleaning dirty domestics ..

The great work

Never done

Holding back the inevidable negantropic fractal mind whirl wind

Your garden draws infancy dreams like worm compost

Cat puke scrubber

Small upward pulses ..



Delicate ballances in that web of star plennum mind breath

What job has art got if

not in the doing.

.manifest the thinky feels

Thing thing thing

Caught in some tradeing game of

Power confetti..

Sender received

Human higher function

Athletics of capitalism serf farm

frontage..everythings swell

We got culture

robbery bank real estate prison

The real thing...

House divided against itself falls

Performance anxiety n paranoid

Shadow s talk

expectation mountain mounting and weight accumulates..

Dream memory...hope vaulter..

A way of potential mastery with no risk failure n transformative catalitic self actualising innitiation

is a fucking lie.

visualise this life..in 200 years.

Lay some protective foundation..

Man spread like a birth canal

Trench warfare

Master slave romantic dada

Digital entrainment

Psychic remote

We all need to be gratifyed

To be great fool..

Frameing what matters

Accepting all the loss..



in the world not of it..mlarky

And what remains..

Get up again

Soul wars..

Cardboard wasteland..

Cloned conformist social credit police state in your illegitimate

thinner skinnd sence of somebody..who ya ment to be for someone else

Add guilt..

Na all good.

Beuatifull as it is

Dont no nuthin me..

Beast him ever.

lacks sleep..and night terror sweating..

best not leave house..

you obsessivly clean that interior...and

ecology the fuck outta that art surface..by looking at it alot.

Very good


Mysticism spirit and the shadow

jordan peterson