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Live stream

Sensation of chill wind..

In afternood

Nekid Belly bath on

Faded purple couch outside

Portentious bong of the ancient mindcontroll unit of church bell

Decrees him just stood in three centres merge full frontal to sun god

Nude photons penetrate


A fast...the vitimin d may re arrange the panic dark haunted distortion of cortozol whips n achievement neurotic abundance of lost in the underwerld

Oh jesus


My mythocentric cosmilogical astrotheology man make up

Gimmie the symbol


Prowling pussy padding paws on his butt..

Trying to get the milk from mumma

Pre op bestial trans pregnant with the yawns potential

Black black as all fucking sin n slavery of the engine tax carbon industry himan waste guilt insider trade a negative cognitive diss....

Human beuty

Heart intelligence

Moral fibre

Long frame 

Cycles game 

View thundering echos of more thought in thinker

As broadcast civic attention span gapes the ass tarrd black fer the undertow devolvment

Battery operated charger 


Illuminated bagal flow 

In energy circuitry

Golden stain

Forever memory

Forgetting what it is

No time similtainious 

Points rounded

Brain map me

To the whole perpetual orgasm

I stutter in a intuited glimpses of what expectation cant deliver

In a idea un tennable here

And between faith n futility

Hemroids rear haurd the tunnel vision

Helio centric mass system cycles 

Spreadin tendrals amoungst the protein spores

Betty keeps robbing secrete yer happy slave juice

Folds spells layerd systems language 

Species amnesia 

New american century ..future war

Won already

Space cage a barbarian overlord matrix def grip..

Ancient cabilist space satilight

Dicks its way into a chess game

Teutonic knights of knee

Giddy up to spam kazaam

Flying carpetry in 

Feminist fun fir

Feminist fun fur makes a synthetic barbie womb doll dispenser in a alternate timeline in tokyo


These drones can populate entire crumbling tenament rent investment hive industrail a beating of a galactic moon

All have barac obamas face tho

The twins of here comes daddy

Clone whips chinese army personel

I gave up tv fer now

My think tank sponge full

Werkin the forgetten past seasonal robinson motif

The romance

The sandflys

The moterhome winnebago warrior

I love

I love 

I love

Woop de woop my niggers

We be void nothing

Whole doom

And a cascade of eternal re births in 

Dimantional cross channels

Multi tappin that

No controll the fallin water

Crusts of bio mass

Esculated colateral damage

Watchtowers swift 

Child crys

Imprinted phantasms hurt crime drama


Homelessness crime minoriry football

And grind the financial services industry in

The fuck face of all yer gdp 


Yer a fake bubble of empire 

Washing money fer evil

Shadows of a werkin wimmins solo

 fam ill y

Till it happens to you

Mycelium bonds of socialised hypnotics

Psychic mind meld of this vaulnerable money shot hap danzer


Strip mall

Casino de populate it in 

5G sterilisation

And a quantumn robo permanent distraction disembidyd soul

Astrally kiddyfiddled 

Forgotten host body

Its alk to horible

Its alk to horrable

Its all to horrible

Cant trust it

..wham bam thank you mam

There must be a higher love!

So.. Perhaps in the chaseing.. Inward psychie distorts The fractured pieces of the whole Th fallen baby .. Rudely interruptd by the social fabric of th day.. In the art memory..of becomeing Returning even To what we were... Or a askew memory of such Like light from a distant star read fer its original components Oh atlantis Oh america! Oh james bond We...take a breath We say thank you..for thins mutilated reality and our ability to function as we can However impared challanged and grotesque a abnormality n failure of the dark twisted algorythem of fates hammer

For brothers mother fathers sister

All are afflicted similer

Some masks more ridgid in there calcifed appearance..

None the less thems 5 sence data imput illusions penetrate..interfear with there soul.

2000 atomic tests

Roundup in ya autistic shrinking breastcancernutsack

And..emotional intelligence like a andre the giant ..

Goin on 3 yo

Wizdom! Clarity! Tom cruise!

My superiors in the pyrimid!

The battle fleet

Fleeting..memorys impkantd..

Damn who was i when i rememberd myself?

Forgotten ...under cover a constant displaced..returning circuler motif..echoed

Eternally in

Make money make money


Dreams like space jumps


Tidyong up the fractured failure

To begin again

Slaughter! The most primitive beast

Never was this atrocious


Silver thread

Gold heart

Haarps n wings..

Gett outta here will ya!

Tacheon burst sperm warrior pineal stargate ancient slave god! Complex 




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