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in and out (parkin art award highly commended and "PEOPLES CHOICE AWARD" 2019)

This work was a big mandala

When i began it i did a meditation on th floor before it was startd.

 endearing themes for me are journey of the soul...and the godkings of egypt that were living deightys as rulers ..personifyed religion and myth of peoples beliefs for 1000s of years.

Transfiguration (matter to spirit or energy if you like..or as the hedron colider may be procureing anti mater out of space

Energy to matter...i dont realy understand it

But th mythology is fabulous




Ultimatly your free.


Art attempts to action a mearest slither of that quantumn responsability..


There is other findings about the 3d meta map of math encoded physics in the great pyrimid

Which i went to last year. Which are quite astounding in there implications.worth researching. 

This is the big drawing ( photograph by the chris reid photography !)

 that was in the parkin art award colouring in competition.

And i got a runner up prize and it was in all the newspapers and i suppose it is a serious work based on temples and pyrimids and movement from inturnal to external and death and life and burnt edges too.

this is a studio chat video of it.

 in this image chris intuitivly cought the lunch time sun like a camera obscura when we were just finishing the photo was expecially good as alot of ancient temples were alighned exactly at focus points with light markers of energys of seasons time and calander..and even some say...magnetic anomalies of the earths bio field...veils can diffuse and information present....

he also dead eye gun larry shot me in the head when i was blurry walking in the other one..

chris is a cool photographer..and im glad he helpd me ..thanks chris.

and also thanks to the people at the national academy of fine art who did a good job of putting my stuff up and marketing the show and also to art philanthropists like chris parkin who support whole tribes of pple to secrete there stuff to show for him for pple to look at

like has to be done and seen..for humans to be humans ...cos as we make we think and dream and become



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