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process series (fireside chat vlog)

this is a fireside chat POEMRY i did ..just for you beloved.

.as part of a priocess series about the long cycle painting series im doing at the moment.

im documenting bits of the process as im going about worker day ritual and manual stuff that happens and just cos i can! ...i figure when im at th opening and a older lady says to me inna wonderous did you do it?

i can say well mamdan i made little videos of random things as i did have a look if you like..

in no way does it contradict mystery or voice of the authority of the work itself ..its not about me so much as a the process as me..

like language formation..mutation adaption and resilience in our times..arist myth being a endangered species as it were in may ways...but paradoxicly more of a classic meem stereo type than ever..the latent narcisism is a a event horrizon occupational hazard of a vaulted metaphysic that transcends self altogehtert to a

well all self

and redeems all self centredness..its why its work service and devotional practice.

not to say ego entrapment and attachment do bedevvel the jesus out of ya..

but ...themes in one of us

can refract universally..thats th point.



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