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hitler n expressionism and jesus

November 5, 2019 word

All the way to heaven

 is heaven






Posably even allowing ya self to be..that shapeshifting persona matrix all stinky n beuatifull thorny n flower puffed exaltant compost cosmic star fart you


Day of th newspaper article

One person in tday fer 5 mins.
I danced to tool.did a scribbly intence drawing..blurbled in this post too much


Returning back to art.

That scribbly intence drawing as case in point.


A field of rythmic pounding to music..

Rubved out like raushenberg

Re done...going for echos of old..

Over over..ghosting

Centralised...and fields of movement


And narritive awareness changeing as the dping does...heart connecting to spund as pencil hits desk on paper..echo like drum

Your in the meta space now..its preyer

Action becomeing meaning

Mark accrues.


I can only be the meaning im hopeing to impart.

Not absence n futility.
That has a definite meaning too.

Maybe im in the underworld
Maybe thats dunedins gift to the world soul

Metaphor matabolised poem spaces inbetween possably to write in

Fall voiced in gaps..

Juxtipose a ideology as a frame for a display...

Like ethnic tourism 

Searching for the real..when its allrwafy been stolen.

Im fixing my duvet cover thing 

Garys corrective surgery

Tactical strike verbal gym service speaking.

How may the team assist you today honey?


The unexamined life


Aint werth living


As a guy said in greekland.


Were all in a shifting cultural makeover

Were all in a existentil conundrum

None of us know if were relevant to anyone the workplace..attention..

Career worth ..purpose.

Weve all fears of the future..if we dare the think about it at all.


Its just so much easyer to not be present in linear time

Opt out in mind.


We all want hope..

A reason to be.

Received usefull


Spoze i fill that space in makeing and am quite shocked when it realy isnt nessesary to any construct outside myself.

Sitting with my own over serious intent of addressing certain works with david poems and correlating some natural overlap...for who?..

A cultural myth meem that doesnt matter to anyone?..does to me..Continues to aswell.


If i was part of some order of monastic tradition..where meaning n purpose were needed..and there was a creator that we were part of..

In service to


Embedded fractal conscious wave carryer

Dynamic unfoldment..points

A lesser self anquished at the edge of absoluteisms void...echoing information n energy back to itself on the surface of faces less attention span nano pulse

Micro wave synapse augmented memory induction



Post show crash glamour..wanting more meaning purpose  like a addict.

Potential un needed. 

The usual.

Its one lesson and upgrade at a time.
Steps to temple

Bong bong bong bong bong bong

Its six. 


And Slow lessons one dumb nieve retro step at a time


Now you could do th exam

And autopsy even on the examined life

Being worth living


On your own terms

Be true


And still definitely not be living 


So its a narrow edge

Of full vivasection and

A little online quiz eh..


Non th less our owners in plantation do traffic children fer sex

And corrupt oppression banking criminal cult class abusers..

False flag mass murderers n complicit regeme propaganda puppet leaders

 is the dehumanized system 

Of fear containment cos pschopathy is how we roll in the newzild

One horse brain

In one horse gallery colouring in neoliberal brochure of culture class entrainment.

Etiquite only.

No teeth..


Preferrably a pretty woman who sayd the right thing to reinforce the institution that spawnd it 

Were all so retarded and conflict adverse

So sanctiond behind bullshit to a brittle economy of shallow nasty shadow and disposability.


If ya knew your worth

Would you participate?

Do you know your worth

Whats worth it.


Dunno im talking in inner loops to myself anyway..


Ahh ned kelly

Te rapraha

Sonya davies


Do we have a ligitimate culture anymore?

Maybe we had one..

But now its a branding exercise 

A academic career

A capitalist desperate scrabble of any attention at all in vacuumes of western decline n narcistic fracturing..a social enginairing plan from on my distains weakness to


Be upright

Be present

Responsable for his own worth n passage here

Think anger n rage are a ligitimate a whole system..

But still weather in a ceasless cycle

In a bubble of atmosphere

On pale blue dot

Doing corkscrews thru time space in magnetic harmonys with heavenly bodys


Hot in th core 

As it were

Wet n cold on th edge

Great frozen lumps of rock

Impact like language bombs in

Slow motion evolution pagentrys th year 3094..

Angel wings n glitter pink tutus 


Even if Abandonment bashya kid to sleep

In self abnigation force fed marginal platitudes of a deconstructed culture of frontage 

As most cant admit its a farce..a illusion

Corrupt crashing inward to a steady state decay ...

Leave th conversation for the crime n torture of others to have...if ya step outta a abbo leader..or a arab not in the pipeline geo political one werld 

Groomed fake sanitised lieing complicit shit eating coward cunts 

The lot of this totalitarian faviest scheme we sould our soul too

Casino fires corperate war...

This shit is the precurser to some war rape buisness scheme.

This is culture..

And people Do the best they can..

Glowing balls of light 



But..Id rather be nuts in a insane world 

And know it

Than functional in hypocracy.

Statistical surrealism absurdist mantras

Diabolical diatribes..


I do think however the homeless

Are ejected souls from said compromise

  • And art could sleep with mythical animals and  not be a evil porn fetish

But rather distopian primal groans of damnd souls wakeing to there divine cosmic giggle 


This is pure speculation

Ive no licence to practice online orphic hiccups  pagentry

But self selection seems to work for teen pregnancy and artists damaged goods other peoples respressed selfs dump container transferr weigh station karma smorgaspord drill seargeant

Like like like



Well this is a disjointd rant and i realy dont care.

Its got merrit in a few parts

And the usual bits of wall padding..

A light that guides..sone holes and trap doors.


No retreat no sirender

Yes masm sir mam


.Well i only had three visits today



Is humility in service to 

Things what are bigger than me

That i forget when my head is wedged up a imaginary friends bum..called art idea attachment aptitude obsession job redundancy caper fool service 

Mumble heirophant


Mumble universe ace of cups




But got  cash and a book bout chaps writeing about chaps by a chap.
Met a poet who dont show anyone
And liased with several academics whom are loverly people of our bygone newzild

And givd a crystal from elora caves and a cartoon book him made

Pretty rich pickings fer a spoild stay at home dude


We are not NOT walking around th block talking to ourselfs tupeing this periodicly


Were not!

How dare you inferr


Ceasless glut of confessional monolog


You pervy little side dish widget fetish nipple tugger


I think statisticly in artist vision statements

If you say nipple more..then its going tip the ballance in the cartoon universes favour of you...

Pink roses turn up


You get a new van


And live th dream you set up for ta self in a tideal matrix of high n low preasure systems.

th post title is because a psychologist in a video was talking about it...theres a link below....suppose i can relate...the propaganda of institutional frontage to veneers of colonised psychic and aesthetic..manufactured consent

Class language and etiquette entrainment in the ritual of culture and controll...

Dont be other..or individual...unless its approved...the great promise of expression imagination betrayed in th calculated career backdraft of management heirachys..and lolly minds

Leave maturity to german philosophers

Or greek antiquitys..we want clone farms!

Profit prisons

City council gulags


 cowardice of corrupted frameworks realy.

Pretty hard to be in this world and stand upright..there isnt anywhere to exist without being complicit

Or probably adding to it myself.


Its unrealistic to expect a jung

A saint a hero of humanitys potential in a profit farm for owner machines


The operating system language

neo liberal corperate militarty soul mind hijack..

Temple eduface fiscal ease on in there rodger..oh yeah

Legacy.. magots.. feeding 



Wall speaker


...of course this is dark echos 

Of digital vacuumes..and failures of conformity in his own miopia..

Aaark whachagunnado

Make maps of meaning..bleet n twerk twerp warp blurp forms fantisise say stuff for eyes as a faith failure preyer

A wrath n gate

Fate n hate

Kindness with grace

Poop with th scoop..

Loop th goop

Belonging in a childrens culture of invalid fake heros where disenfranchised good people..recognize one another

With what we gunna do resignation .


But..its still true.


Being a sick culture

A victim made for consumption

Homeless in comfy jails

Jobless in autocratic service

Famlyless in neurotic hotbeds of  dominance n neglect

Mindless in c9nceptual ego lipservice strip tees mall ideolog kitset

Is normal in the redundancy of human seeking ....when whats sought is only self servive..


Can i inverse a loop

Convex concave escalations


Ok the good news

Theres a cult being formed for you

A script prepared..a hope designed..that lets you live!

Only tho..if you behave..and act the role

Do not deviate..and dont look at anyone on the bus

And have strict oppinions with repression n intollerance to heretics...

Heritics banish themselfs in gi bering hellraiser inpenetrible diatribes!


Theyll never get a opportunity...

Tap tap tap on th wee device

Im pathetic toilet splatter has a extra strong bleach after burn


Bit thin on th jesus part.. 

I mean th only hope our story emparts is

Were built on lies

We will go to space

Become a ge robot in a hive you have no power in.


Hmmm great story.


Am i wrong?


Im spozed to as artist tell you about ceasl3ss whirlpools of cosmic code entangled potential of transdimentional perpetual organism..


Maybe i do..?

Or skin shedding snake 

Compostable homebirther as one sacred larry said


But monet did some big cosmic waterlillys

And vermeer did a milkmaid that made me cry

And i dont think madonna is a virgin.


Th cat was licking her bum twat complex before

I tryd to get you a image..but was too slow 


Oh ok i got th jesus part of the lecture.


Well..! Dealing with depression in post human times is in effect doing th spade werk fer jesus!

Serving th true..even if im a beshadowed clown at least attempting to look outside th cave of shadow..


In that to feel

Be open n vaulnerable is to birth new perspectives in the cascade of mirrors of a broken psychic system.


Aka new nzild my self my mother.

Then dad as th bible faciest skitz bitch of course



Oh great teachers of my whanau

Oh lesser deightys of my shame vanity pride 



Being some corperate logo of divine self

Timeless totality beyond form and name


Get me?



If you desire a life time subscription to these highly entertaining lectures takeing subscriptions for devotees only.

Itll cost your first born male child..

For life.


As it did me when i signed up 47 years ago.

Hi im home again.


Met this guy on the street..kicked to th curb


heres a clip with a man talkin about surviving culture and ya self a bit


and another

Thats a picture of me in pyke valley after a big 35k tramp in one 16 hour day in bog n getting lost. Found.fording rivers at night mlarky.

Praises to th orange triange!

And i dont mean scots minge.


Never realy know how to present in process ..shareing the complex of self investigation..if its even appropriate..

The convolutions of esteem n self approval..professional intent


Blah blah blah 


Spiritual process.


Wiffle fart blah..


..the openess and flexability of the whys n wherefors..


Well i do..just get tangled in th layers of emotional mental process of self reflection

All th things ya need a full time shrink for..

That form into th cognition of next works

Un met needs..transmuted to other surfaces articulate begging attention too.

But stand in a dimention of there own too

And not of problem conflict generitive alone..assertion


Backtracking..and just work.


When the physical stuff finishs

Th mind stuff goes on.the person is still there...needing a objective reality anchor.


So are we beutifull with the problems? Huh!


i mean...this is the world self.

In articulatable in the complexity acceleration manipulation..

Non the less...fantastic..dramatic conteadictory tradjic comedy...its all been noted before.


The human point of evolutionary threshold?..

Is that science..leading th flock?

Or the inner development of thousands of years ..i mean..when was existential mystic political technical leisure experience ever so widely accessable in human history.

Now energy and population stresses..


Anyway..just the big picture realy

Where its at..its to

 BE part of that


Whens a art practice public or personal social or private...i mean part of the thing i think is that art needs to be more generous in th personal..not mearly iconogrsphic or stylistic technique base. Its shared human soul fer gods sake..  

Not a lawyer golf party...the sanctiond the state the taboo. reality controll, fiction

We perhaps conquer the world by getting to the next plane of existence within
And th view changes..
Then we descibe it.


Acturally done a bloody good job "curating" the house show.  

Sticking to brief. Works made in australia when david wrote sonnets for them..

And my responce in paper series and banner works and canvases.

Pretty balanced aswell.


Ceaseless faffing.

Weirdly enough th main work the mural hasnt been a issue at all

Its the rest thats been diabolical with hooks n triggers for myself.

But one else would show em in dunedin so i am! And there good too.

Theres a ethos there thats true.

In synthesis of method meaning and ..the hardest part

Experience in the work.

Experienced..intuited felt picked up apon disolved fractured adheared condenced made.


Done alot of censoring editing aswell in the house 

 The nagging knaw of paranoia of apparent over shareing the big child need

At the expence of the deeper  

All in a echo chamber of one  course. 

And a phone...fkn blog post mania

Oh needs of shareing..bad human.


Spoze what i keep finding is under the crust in what inevidably becomes a existential melodrama of art philosophical depression research..(short video) is this post colonial neo liberal self ghost echos that theres a conflict with the culture im trying to dialog with..and my self. 

The colony thing. What we are.  What i am.

Its hard not to pathologise my experiences inside that machination.

Brave new world big brother thing. (short video)


Think thats why for me the archaic prehistoric deep grooved mythic of our physical animal on planet..seems to be a trueist kind of sentiment to adopt as discourse.

Thats what we are under the civilisation candy coating.

Ritual and majic and myth and story


Chanting and dance.

This was lived media..of reality and 

State change ...

So im pretty adament about a ethic of what i need to do in that vein..have been doing.

Would like to guide that to preyer

To essence realy.

Not any particuler denomination..

Just...intent. to connect in to the highest capacity 

And there in lies the mystery too

For what is it of us that experiences that expansion..? In heart knowledge.

Physchological stress n emotional Suffering and integreation of the process...relief and comprehension 


Some one said the difference between wizdom and knowledge is experience


Ones book learning 

Ones experiential doing..


Suppose its the terrain.and like a difficult potentially dangerous tramp..the challange is the point. Some fitness and being totally humbled by the stresses.  

Which in turn..motivate the works articulation in future..


Its the call of the development of the greater..the way self perception is a fundamental part of the universe experiencing itself as me...thats like meister eickhart saying


"The eye i see god with is the same eye god sees me with"


Get a bit haunted in exhaustion  

Old works

The integreation of stuff..underworld SHADOW

The works a map ..and its humbling.

Spoze the tendancy to obsession dark over sensitive not th whole person

Light silly and frivilous is as equaly nessesary...the small toon drawings kinda take that voice..wee compositions


Hmmmm  a fragment


Thats a bit of one of my kiwi meta m fiscal art toons you know my version of dum...

Minor works...doodles

Ive along way to go to th unrivald experts of th recent upper echlons tho..admittedly

Acturally its a part of a series of Assosiative dipdiks that conversate together. Like poems. small note works that relate together

Cos im doing th big david eggleton responce show eh.


That picture is called


UN wanted kids jenes

Its a painting .


One surpriseing simply renderd black n white over a surface of sewn adheared jeans.

Sometimes the exposure of a work and the desision to stop is made for me

By the starkness of the feeling of organic process.

The language of cause n effect in studio ecology

A implyed narritive..poeteticly .

Off brief of course fer the divine mission

But still...fits in a thorny barb on the tree.

A weepy bit of sap 


These become exposures...over time of process..others are more Laboured  

With entitys in a longer term...

Different voices

Have different methods.

Were a crystalline psychie of sides


Thanks alot. 

Croud goes wild.





Always thort art should be interedting eh

Say something about th place we live

Express our lives...or th art makers life


Seems the algo rythem of manufactured consent has totally inseminated th yoof protocol of anykind of self governing licence of credable force of self permission.

Our queens colony factory farmd domesticated institutionalised ..debt ridden werkaholism cognitive dissonance pc slave plantation.

Me glad me mongrel gene slip thru cracks mad parents

Me glad irish bastard gene

Me glad found some others.

Me keep soul..or atleast flirt with th fucker a bit.


That big drawing is graphitid davids ledgend poem in it

I like that poem...


Its serious..seems to cross time and pull together a deeper need talk about the primeval language and meaning makeing..  GOD

.and be like david does

A collage of image sensoria woven in meta meaning n play with implyed slippery assosiations and image to conclude your own perception


Its especially cool cos its th last one in th book edgeland and my picture is the first too.


Alpha and omega

First n last



And snakes eating themselfs

And perpetual universal expanding contracting slow mo

But with flowers n bees too


Ive been told ledgend isnt spelt that way

But in my bog i can spell any way i please

Spechly cos its called






My country isnt my country..

It seems to have become some offshoot of a faciest brave new world social engineering experiment..with monocultural doubletalk institutional rhetoric facades and management kids factory farmed as widgets..

Tradeing in moralitys human remains as a fadeing remnant of the body we had.


Apparently im to go to sleep

Smile n get along

..develop a good atitude

Dream virtue anti abandonment signposts for tall poppy coward hack fakes...whove traded out of having a soul

Never realy got along at school with th kiwi kids..

What are ya spozed to do with pain?


Ive always made stuff..


Then hurting is illegal too


Must be my fault 


I just believed in the wrong things

Followed the wrong storys


Laughed with th wrong souls

Dreamed the taboo dreams


No i didnt

Lots of work to do

Keep doin it


Lotta conquored destroyed people around under the tyranny of this psychic haze

All over the planet

In all times


Its not happy

were not a good species

This is a temporary state

Wasnt ment to last



Were possably more

Possably better

Possably able to acturalise in full totality in forms increadable..

The potential and vacuume

Co exist



Its not abstract metaphysics of th lab

Or text book


Heart data

Felt poems of entangled strangled souls



Around i go




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